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BTS Breaks Another WORLD RECORD & Member Won't Have To Enlist!

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BTS Army gather round because we’ve got all the latest news on our favorite guys. Believe it or not, they just broke ANOTHER world record and we’ve got an update on whether or not they will have to take another hiatus to serve in the military. What’s up everyone, its Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and nothing can stop the boys of BTS from taking over the world.They just added another world record to their growing list of very impressive accomplishments.As you know they already hold quite a few world records for things like the most views on a YouTube music video in 24 hours for "Boy with Luv" with 74.6 million views in one day and the most used hashtag on Twitter in 24 hours for fans tweeting #TwitterBestFandom an incredible 60,055,339 times in one day.They also made history as the first K-pop act to reach No. 1 on the U.S. albums chart with both ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ and ‘Map of the Soul: Persona.’But now they can add a new record to that list as the fastest to reach one million followers on TikTok.BTS announced in September that they were joining TikTok with a tweet from their official Twitter account. They reached their first million followers in a record time of 3 hours 31 minutes.I mean, imagine right now starting a social media account and three hours from now, so like by dinner time or bed time depending on where you live, you’d have a million followers.Would be nice!
And according to stats from TikTok, after 13 hours they grew to two million followers and got over four million likes on their first post. And after 59 hours, they reached three million followers.The BTS Army runs deep!But not only did fans rush to follow BTS on TikTok but them joining the platform also led to a flurry of downloads of the app.And fans are taking to Twitter to congratulate the BTS guys on this new accomplishment.
And these fans are right. Breaking records is just another day in the life of BTS. They are absolutely killing it.Ok so let’s shift gears into some other BTS news, which has been on all of our minds for a long time.If you’re a true Army member, you have probably been wondering for a while if the boys of BTS will be required to comply with South Korean's compulsory military service law.In case you aren’t familiar with this law, it requires every male citizen to serve two years in the army before age 28.It’s a part of South Korean culture and has been a part of their law since the 1950’s. There have been some exemptions made for people like athletes and certain types of musicians like violinists, pianists, and ballet performers.But K-pop stars, actors, and directors are typically required to serve.The oldest member of BTS is Jin and he will turn 27 in December, which would mean he would have to enlist pretty soon. Eventually each of them would have to enlist one by one as they approached 28 years old. This led fans to asking questions like will the group stay together during this time? Will they take a hiatus? How would they be able to continue without all of the members?
But BTS's label and management company Big Hit Entertainment just responded to all of these questions saying that no one in BTS will enlist this yearThe comment seems to have been prompted by a Hollywood Reporter article, which quoted a Korean Ministry of Defense official saying that an exemption would not be possible for the BTS guys.
According to the article, the official was firm that no exemption had been granted, but said that The Ministry of Defense might consider a quote "alternative service program" for the boys of BTS.The Ministry of Defense said quote, “The Ministry of Defense is currently debating with related authorities on improving the current alternate service program in place of conscription, but nothing has been decided as to when a change may take effect.”But the BTS guys have expressed that they are willing to serve if it comes down to it. In April, Jin told CBS Sunday Morning that quote, "As a Korean, it's natural and someday, when duty calls, we'll be ready to respond and do our best.”And while it’s still up in the air, it doesn’t seem like anyone will be enlisting this year.But if they had to, Army has expressed that they'll support BTS through their time in the military.
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