Dolan Twins Talk About QUITTING YouTube & Find Their Replacements!


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The Dolan Twins are already planning for an early retirement and their futures in their latest video! And, guys, honestly, their replacements have already stolen my heart more than the original Dolan Twins ever could. Sorry, no offense if you’re watching, boys.

What’s up it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and The Dolan Twins introduced us to their mini me’s who, they hope, will take over their channel when the twins ~eventually~ decide to call it quits.

The 19-year-olds think they’re getting too old to be making youtube videos for much longer.
So they went on the hunt for the younger versions of themselves. You know, as any rational thinking person would do.
And yes, the younger versions of themselves are also twins.
SOT 18:08 – “I’m confident enough that you guys can take over the Dolan Twins Youtube channel…it’s gonna be your channel one day guys” “and that’s today”

They made sure they covered ALL their bases in finding their replacements. They dressed the same. They did their hair the same. They even got similar tattoos… or close enough, I guess.
So I think we’re all in a pretty good spot for the new and improved Dolan Twins to take over.

But that left me wondering just what exactly will the OG Dolan Twins do when they’re done with Youtube once and for all?

Well we’ve got some ideas for them in case they’re coming up dry.

Well, we didn’t think of it exactly. But in one of their older videos they spoke to two psychic twins about what they saw in their future
And some of those predictions are catching up to them.

So, okay, it’s no secret that the boys are into fitness
And though I don’t think they’ll ACTUALLY be quitting Youtube anytime soon, there’s always time for another side hustle.

And having their own gym will certainly open up the repertoire of things they can do in the future. But it seems like they’ve already thought of that as well.

Okay, well that leaves a lot of options open for them.

I mean they could do sports announcing
or manage the 2036 US olympic paddleboarding team
Or maybe start a health food blog
I’d absolutely watch their food blog. As long as Grayson cooks most of the food… But I think they have something in mind that could actually be pretty cool
That music video they directed was for “Hawaiian Party” by the Australian alt-pop group “Cub Sport”
And that was just about a year ago, remember Grayson posted on Instagram “My first day directing on set was fking amazing. I am beyond excited to share this project with you. Thank you guys so much for all of your support”

So I think one way or another, the Dolan Twins have a bright future ahead of them in whatever field they choose to go down

But hopefully for our sake, they won’t make that decision for a very long time. Because I’m still loving their Youtube videos
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