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Lady Gaga MAKES OUT With New Mystery Man!

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Lady Gaga rang in 2020 on a high note and may have had the best New Year's Eve out of all of us. She was gettin' down onstage and off and even got a midnight kiss from a mystery man.
What’s up? It’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and just in case you didn’t get a new years kiss, Lady Gaga had us all covered.
On New Year's Eve, Lady Gaga was spotted out in Las Vegas holding hands with a bearded mystery man.
Gaga started off the night by bringing down the house with her residency show "Jazz + Piano" at MGM’s Park Theater.
From there she headed over to Park MGM's NoMad restaurant where she joined Brian Newman for a few songs, including "Fly Me to the Moon," at his After Dark show.
And as incredible as her performance was, that’s not what everyone was talking about.
It was at Brian Newman’s show that Gaga and a mystery man were seen kissing. And NO it’s not Bradley Cooper for all of you who are still shipping those two.
Gaga and her mystery man locked lips for more than just a moment when the clock struck midnight. These two shared a passionate moment and rang in the new decade together.
Want to see it for yourself? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got the video proof.
While the man is yet to be identified, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that some people were calling the man Michael during the course of the evening and that Gaga didn't appear to be trying to hide her affection for her date.
So while we might not know who this Michael man is, Lady Gaga sure does!
And this is all so exciting because Gaga has been pretty quiet about her dating life since last year.
She hasn't said much at all about her relationship status since calling off her engagement to Christian Carino in early 2019.
She was later romantically linked to audio engineer Dan Horton. Over the summer she was photographed kissing Dan during a brunch date at a restaurant in Studio City, California.
Multiple onlookers told People Magazine that Gaga and Dan appeared to be more than friends and were seen smooching multiple times while dining.
And though the two were spotted kissing at Granville, another source who spotted the couple at Lemonade says the two were busy chatting but refrained from PDA as they ordered drinks.
And just as quickly as that romance escalated, it fell through because Gaga announced in October that she was single.
She confirmed her relationship status via an Instagram story while out celebrating a friend's bachelorette party.
She shared this IG post and wrote quote, “An about to be married woman and me, a single lady”
Well there ya have it, it doesn’t get much more clear than that.
In another story, Gaga said she was quote 'in a lot of pain', which was likely from her chronic pain condition, but couldn't miss her best friend's bachelorette dinner.
So we just want Gaga to be happy and healthy, and she definitely seemed to be enjoying herself throughout the entire New Year’s Eve celebration.
And fans agree!
One person excitedly tweeted saying quote, “She looks happy ahrvagggghswnen”
Another shared another fun moment from the night writing quote, “This video of Lady Gaga actually smashing a wine glass on stage is rigging in the new year of 2020”
And another just simply said quote, “good for the queen”
But many other fans are asking the more important questions.
Who cares who she is kissing, they are ready for some new music from Gaga.
One fan said quote, “queen, release LG6”
Another hilariously wrote quote, “I hope he’s a secret monster and leak LG6 cuz at this point she’s planning to release it in the next decade”
And another fan said quote, “I’m happy for her and all...but queen where is LG6?”
Ok… so LG6, let’s talk about it for a second.
Lady Gaga has remained busy over the past few years with her Vegas residencies and she’s dabbled in the film and beauty industries, but it seems like she is ready to return to her roots with a new album.
But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.
Do you think Lady Gaga has new music coming out soon? And who do you think this mystery man Michael is? What’s his connection to Gaga? And is it anything serious or just a fling?
Let me know what you think down in the comment section below.
Also, it’s a new year, new decade so if you haven’t already. HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and turn on the bell for Clevver News notifications! Let’s start this year off right people. Then go ahead and click right over here for more entertainment news videos!
Thanks for watching, I’m Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and I’ll see you next time!
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