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Lady Gaga to Reveal All-New Secrets in Gaga: Five-Foot-Two Documentary

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Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated Netflix documentary will be making its debut in less than a month and both Gaga and the documentary’s director are revealing some pretty big secrets about her upcoming movie.
We all know that fans will be getting an intimate look behind the glitz and glam of being Lady Gaga, but what exactly will we be seeing? According to Gaga, we’ll be able to see her world through the eyes of her closest friends.
Gaga told People QUOTE, “It really and truly is my life, but as made in a documentary by friends who simply wish to show the world a look into who they know me to be. It’s really for art’s sake. You know me’ I’m not only a ‘making the money’ kind of girl. For me, doing things with people I love is important. The filmmakers are my friends, and I believe in them as artists, and I was happy to have them create [this movie].”
The film will also show most of the creation period of Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ era. Chris Moukarbel, the director, revealed he started filming Gaga’s life casually June 2016. Chris spent the first day filming Gaga in the studio, which ended up as the first scene of the film.
He went on to explain QUOTE, “The film follows her through her creative process in writing the record ‘Joanne.’ We see her shooting ‘American Horror Story’ and coping with some heavy personal issues including chronic body pain that she’s been dealing with for five years. We’re also alongside her as she prepares for the Super Bowl Halftime show.”
Chris also revealed that Gaga was very adamant to portray the storyline of her chronic body pain in a helpful way for those who might be going through the same pains as her. He said, “There were some things that she felt strongly needed to be included and she had a clear vision as to how to represent these aspects of her life. One of those story lines is her chronic body pain. It was very important that we represented this experience in a way that could be helpful to other people that might be struggling with chronic pain. She was also generally sensitive to the perceptions of young women and girls. Her role as an influential woman is something she took really seriously.”
And since we’re on the topic of Gaga being an influential woman, the singer also opened up about her fashion choices throughout the years. She said, “[The film is not about me taking control of my narrative] more than I have before. When I’ve chosen to wear big shoulder pads and avant-garde clothes back when it wasn’t sexy to do it in 2008, I was doing it because I refuse to let anyone around me tell me what is beautiful about a woman or how a woman should be sexy or how women in the music industry should sell their bodies to be sexy. I’ve always done that.” Spoken like a true woman who understands her role as a role model.
What did you guys think of these new secrets about Gaga’s documentary? What are you hoping to see when it debuts? Let me know in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here for 9 shocking celeb splits that left fans heartbroken! Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver News, I’m Drew Dorsey, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I’ll see ya next time!
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