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Selena Gomez Drops "Wolves" Video & Fans DECODE Its Meaning

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Selena Gomez and Marshmello dropped the music video for their hit collab “Wolves” and fans are speculating that there may be a much deeper meaning behind the song in its entirety.
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Selena’s been put through the ringer this year, so what’s she really trying to tell us here? Let the investigation begin…
Selena Gomez has had quite the year – she started and stopped dating The Weeknd, endured a life-altering kidney transplant, kicked things back up with Justin Bieber, and is set to perform her new single “Wolves” for the first time since her surgery at this weekend’s AMAs, so when decoding her new music video for her collab with Marshmello, it’s no question we’ve got a lot of material to pull from.
The music video was just released this morning on Apple Music, and within minutes, fans are already hard at work uncovering just what the mysterious video actually means. For starters, the lyrics of the video seem to hint at a longing for a specific person and reminiscing on all the good times – but as the lyrics read, “In your eyes, there's a heavy blue / One to love and one to lose / fans pointed out that neither Beiber NOR The Weeknd have blue eyes.
That said, many were quick to drop one major possibility that the song might not even be about a love story at all, rather something much more personal to Selena. Hear me out – we’re all aware of Selena’s very public struggle with Lupus, and one Twitter user pointed out that the latin word “lupus” directly translates to “wolf”. How else do you think Professor Lupin from Harry Potter got his name?! That’s a whole different story, BUT fans believe that the entire video could be a metaphor for Selena’s struggle with the auto-immune disease, and that the “jungle” she runs through is symbolism for her journey in finding herself.
Another possibility is that in the video, Selena is dressed up in a dress and heels, but is completely alone the entire time. The water is running and there's a video camera watching her, recording her every move… yeah, kinda creepy. The camera is obviously important because of how often it appears, which could be a symbol for how the media and her fans are constantly watching her every move, including the parts of her life that she wishes were kept private.
Yeah, MIND. BLOWN. Naturally, Selenators are liiiiving for Selena’s many looks throughout the video, tweeting back to her with nothing but love and kind words – one user wrote, “BEST VIDEO EVER WHAT A QUEEN #WOLVES” and another attached a gif of That’s So Raven freaking out, saying “me watching the music video.”
UHM, SAME. But nothing about the music video’s release was a coincidence as Selena is set to take the AMA stage this Sunday to perform for the first time in over a year, so the video is clearly a small preview of the perfection that is Selena Gomez to leave us shook come Sunday night. So right now, I want to know all your thoughts on the “Wolves” music video and which theory you think is most accurate so hit us up in the comments, and as always, be sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.
And then click to the left to see Selena prep for her big AMA debut. This episode was brought to you by T-Mobile. Switch to America's best unlimited network.
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