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Selena Gomez Makes Internet FURIOUS & Divides Fans Over This In Her "Fetish" Video Teasers

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Selena Gomez insisted on a particular storyline for her “Bad Liar” music video and some fans have a lot to say about her “Fetish” video teasers!
Haters gonna hate, but just do you Selena and kill em’ with kindness.
Selena is on a roll people! After seeing her “Bad Liar” video, we were pleasantly reminded of how great of an actress she is. I mean, I still watch Wizards of Waverly place, but that’s another story. Anyway, she’s also aware of how her platform and influence can affect change. In an interview with Billboard, director Jesse Perez gushed about Selena Gomez saying that she insisted on the storyline including the main character exploring her sexuality. He said, "She brought on this idea that somewhere within this love triangle is lesbian attraction. It just gave me another reason to do it — acknowledging that it’s not just heterosexuals in the world!” You betta preach Selena! If you’re like us, you probably have Selena’s new single Fetish on repeat and maybe watched the video a couple of times too! After hearing what Jesse had to say about Selena, we were eagerly anticipating this video. While the video is definitely more on the artsy side, that’s not what social media is talking about. Selena’s makeup artist for the music video posted this photo to his Instagram to tease the music video look and let’s just say “Everything is Not What It Seems”.
Although Selena appears to be wearing little to no makeup, fans were shocked to see that she has freckles. Of course, if you are a die hard, you know she doesn’t actually have freckles and this is why there was some drama on the gram. One user wrote, “Fake freckles? Really Bruh?” Another user wrote, “but selena has no freckles” My favorite is this superfan who came to his defense and said, “We all know Selena doesn't have freckles but clearly maybe she wanted to try them out. That was her choice. There is no need for you brats in the comments to come on hungs page and attack him. Get a life. Seek Jesus.” Hung did respond with this photo where he list what products he used on her face including the crayon eyeliner he used for her faux freckles.
To be honest, the freckles can barely be seen in the video soooo…it’s not that big of a deal. What is a big deal is the fact that Taylor Swift took to Instagram to post Selena’s cover art and support her friend.
Considering she barely posts anything on there right now, it’s nice to see her support her friend in such a public way.
Anyway, you know what it’s time for! I have to know your thoughts on this faux freckle drama. Do you think people are just overreacting and what do you think about Selena including the lesbian storyline in her Bad Liar video? Spill all your thoughts in the comment section below and then after that click right over here to find out about the new Selena song that just leaked! Hey, Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver! I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr.! You can find me @emileennisjr and I’ll see you soon. Byeeee!
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