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"Teen Wolf" Answers All BURNING Fan Questions in Series Finale

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After six epic seasons, the Teen Wolf series finale aired last night and took fans on one last action-packed, emotional rollercoaster ride.
Scott and his pack, including BFF Stiles, had their final showdowns with Gerard, the Anuk-It, and a slew of hunters that forced them all to face some of their greatest fears.
At the top of the episode, Scott and Allison’s dad talk about how much she meant to them without actually saying her name, so we knew right away that this finale was going to be one hell of a tear jerker. All throughout the episode, we were reminded of just how much Scott has grown since he was fatefully bitten by a werewolf on that first episode, and just how much the support of his pack has helped him along the way.
The epic final showdown of the show had Scott digging out his eyes so he could face-off with the Anuk-Ite, which appeared to him as pretty much every bad guy he’d ever faced on the show--from Void Stiles to the Oni, to a Dread Doctor, and everything in between. It was a great way to call back some of the show’s best villains, and again remind Scott AND us just how much he’s been through over the years--including the loss of Allison.
And speaking of callbacks, the show brought back characters Jackson, Ethan, and Derek for the final episode, which just kept that sweet, sweet nostalgia coming!
After Scott and the gang ultimately defeated the Anuk-Ite with some “Mountain Ash”, the episode tied up extremely neatly as far as series finales go. Like, so neatly that we didn’t have to say goodbye to another favorite character! The finale even introduced a new character named Alec in a flash forward, who Scott saves as he’s being hunted. Alec definitely reminds us of Scott when he was first bitten, and Scott reaching out to help him and bring him into his pack brought the entire show around full circle in a perfect way. And gives us a sliver of hope that the series could possibly continue with a whole new class. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!
One of the biggest things we’ll miss from Teen Wolf, in addition to basically everything, is seeing Dylan O’Brien play Stiles on the show. Dylan sat down with MTV to explain his feelings on the series coming to an end, and it sounds like he’s going to miss is just as much as the rest of us:
Okay guys it’s time for you to let me know how YOU felt about the Teen Wolf finale, so sound off with all your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your girl Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!
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