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Celebs React to EPIC USA Women's Gymnastics Team Gold Medal at Rio Olympics 2016

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They’ve done it! The USA Gymnastics Team wins the gold and celebs are literally fangirling like we’ve never seen before.
Everyone from Zac Efron to even North West are OBSESSED with Simone Biles and I’ve gotta admit, we are too.
So not only did the girls bring home the gold in Rio this year, making American’s proud all around the country. But they even gave themselves the cutest team name and we cannot get enough. Finishing with a total of 8.209 points, the girls huddled together and cheered in unison, “We are the Final Five!”
All the girls did an amazing job. But one newbie to the Olympics in particular has got EVERYONE talking. And when I say EVERYONE, I mean some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about Simone Biles.
Can you believe this girl is only 19 and has all those gold medals? She’s got some mad skills and everyone is taking notice. Kim Kardashian tweeted, that North’s been watching Simone so much, she’s rolling around on bed pretending to copy her. –Alright, no judging, we’ve all been there- But then, Simone replied back saying all North needs is a matching leotard and she’ll be her mini me.
OKAY, now that’s cute. Austin Mahone tweeted at her, “I see you and the whole squad doing your thing! Making this country proud. Congrats!!” With an American flag and rocket ship emoji. Obvi symbolizing they’re taking the USA to the top, duh.
Plus, Simone was pretty excited when Jake Miller tweeted that she was incredible and told her to keep killin’ it. She tweeted back at him, “JAKE MILLER IS JUST SO HOT” In all caps with heart emojis. Annd I think we can all agree.
A-TON of other celebs like Samuel L. Jackson, Brenda Song, and even Hilary Clinton tweeted at Simone. I’m sure she feels pretty cool. I mean, she should. She’s an Olympian winner.
But the BEST part about this whole thing, is when Zac Efron tweeted her writing, “So phenomenal a skill named after her. Congrats on sticking the Biles and qualifying for the finals.” He’s talking about her infamous vault jump. And TOTALLY CHILL, Simone replied, “Thanks Zac! I hope you can watch the Team Final tomorrow night.” But then, Zac responded back to her for a SECOND TIME. OMG, how lucky? He said, “Of course I’m watching the #FinalFive. Dominate the floor!” with gold medal emojis AND a pic of himself holding up a heart in front of her picture.
Okay, I’m dead. But what makes this story even better? Simone did an interview last week, and personally invited him to watch her in real life.
And, if that wasn’t cool enough. After showing camera crews around her home, guess what celeb she had a cardboard cutout of? Yep, Zac Efron.
Um, no. That’s not strange at all. Simone is basically us. Except she has super gymnastic skills. Zac should be flattered if you ask me. Okay guys, I want to know if you’re a member of the Simone Biles Olympic Fan Club? How cool is it that Zac Efron and all these celebs are supporting her? Lemme know right down here in the comments section below, subscribe to our channel, THEN click right here in case you missed it to watch all the best moments from the Olympic opening ceremony. I’m Jackie Iadonisi, thanks for hanging, see you guys next time!
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