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Damon & Elena HUG In New Vampire Diaries Series Finale Promo - Steroline Wedding Pics Released

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Elena passionately embraces Damon in a new Vampire Diaries finale teaser!
And we’ve got the first official photos of Steroline’s June wedding!
TVD fans we have yet ANOTHER series finale teaser on our hands, and no we’re not complaining! This clip continues the previous one of Damon and Stefan finding Elena’s coffin open and empty. In the new 15 second clip Nina Dobrev as Elena appears near the coffin and here’s what happens next.
It seems pretty clear where Delena’s feeling lie in the finale… So there’s a good chance someway somehow Elena and Damon will end up together!
As for Caroline and Stefan there’s doesn’t seem to be any guessing! It was revealed Friday that the Steroline wedding is ON. I repeat, the Steroline June wedding is happening! Butttt it’s not what you may think. In the second to the last episode the group will try to lure evil Katherine out of hiding by throwing a party she wouldn’t miss. But it doesn’t seem to go according to their plan...
Today we’ve got the first official photos of the June Wedding. In one photo you can see a side profile of Candice King as Caroline dressed in a gorgeous lace wedding gown accessorized with a flower crown. A second photo sees Caroline walking down a purple carpet and finally we witness Steroline at the altar holding hands while Damon officiates their vows.
TVD fans we’ve got questions! What do you think Elena and Damon’s embrace means for the couple? And do you think the Steroline wedding is real- or just for show in order to end Katherine for good? Tell us all your thoughts below and tweet me your predictions @mistykingma! Now check out the best dressed at the Oscars on a new episode of Dirty Laundry! I’m Misty Kingma, thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll see you guys soon.
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