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Elena & Damon OVER? The Vampire Diaries 6x01 Recap

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Okay, okay, so that was the biggest moment from last night’s season 6 premiere of the Vampire Diaries and now I think I have a whole lot of explaining to do! So, yes, as you can see, Alaric is back and in case you missed the memo – as if this dude hasn’t already been through enough – he’s a vampire now…a vampire with (as Elena said) serious powers of compulsion. Elena needs Alaric’s help because, from what we saw through the season premiere, she’s become a total junkie – addicted to witchy herbs that Luke’s been giving her so she an hallucinate conversations with her dead boyfriend, Damon. Pretty basic stuff. But Elena’s drug habit comes with a price – they cause her to get super thirsty…ya know, for human blood. Which is what turns her in to the “border lurker.” Even though this ep takes place months after the season 5 finale, at the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year, all of our fave vamps are still locked out of Mystic Falls, so naturally, Elena’s just been hanging around the town borders, feeding on people until she almost kills them and then compelling them to forget. Caroline, who has dropped out of Whitmore to find a way to bring everyone back together and end the spell that’s keeping them out of town, figures out what Elena is up to. Oh and did I mention that Caroline’s BFF, Stefan, left town without telling her and refuses to pick up her phone calls. Yeah, it’s really sad and he kind of sucks. But guys, it might be because he’s ignoring the truth by dating a girl named Ivy. As for Tyler, he’s human again, back in college, and trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to control his werewolf rage by working out incessantly and even practicing with the football team. Keep in mind, if he kills someone, he’ll go full on wolf status again. Matt is giving Tyler a run for his fitness money – he pretty much has been working out non-stop and volunteering with a group that wants to protect the town, while Jeremy is obviously in deep seated depression because he’s pretty much spending his day hooking up with random girls, boozing it up and playing video games. Long story short here, everyone and everything on the show is a total mess – and we haven’t even remotely figured out whats’ going on with Damon and Bonnie…who we got a glimpse of in the last few seconds of the episode:
Okaayyy, so how is that Bonnie and Damon are the brightest spot in the Mystic Falls universe? Vampire –fang pancakes? Seriously? And is it just me or do they fully resemble and old married couple? But guys, more importantly, where the heck are they???
I think the season 6 premiere really set things up for the rest of the season, but we still have so many questions? Like, again, what’s going on with Damon and Bonnie? Will Elena really be compelled to move on? Will Stefan and Caroline ever be together? Will Matt be able get it together? And those are just a few of our burning questions! What are you guys needing to know? I could really use some group support on this so feel free to tweet me @JoslynDavis and as always Hit us up below to share your feelings and if you need a moment to recover and lol - CLICK HERE to check the first episode of Drama King straight from one of my faves on YouTube and just int eh world…the show is really awesome! Thanks for watching dudes – I’m Joslyn Davis – have an amazeballs weekend!
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