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Foreigner Tries Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India | Juhu Beach Street Food Tour

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Come join us as a foreigner tries Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India at Juhu Beach for the first time. Having heard about legendary Mumbai Street Food at Juhu Beach I decided to spend my first day in Mumbai, India sampling delicious Indian cuisine and popular Indian snacks prepared for locals.
I've always dreamed of trying Indian Street Food in Mumbai and I finally had my opportunity. All in all what makes an Indian Street Food Tour so appealing is that you can alternate between savory, spicy and sweet dishes to your heart's content without spending a fortune. In fact, many Mumbai Street Food items cost only between ₹50 to 160₹ Rupees meaning you can pick things up for considerably less than $1 US dollars and at a higher end just over $2 US dollars. The following is a list of the Indian Street Food items I'd tried during my taste test tour at Juhu Beach Chowpatty:
1) Pav Bhaji - (₹160 or $2.23 USD)
A thick vegetable curry of smashed spiced vegetables served with a bun soaked in butter (ghee). The dish originated in Mumbai in the 1850s for textile mill workers.
2) Pani Puri - (₹30 or $0.42 USD)
Panipuri is a round hollow puri (fried crisp) filled with flavored chutneys and chilies. It served as a set of 6.
3) Kulfi Falooda Rabdi (₹120 or $1.67 USD)
Chopped up Kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream) served in a bowl with rose syrup, jellies, milk, cashews and vermicelli. It is a very sweet and refreshing dessert to help cool you down.
4) Ice Gola (₹50 or $0.70 USD)
Shaved ice with syrup on top. I chose the Mango Syrup which was green but I'd recommend trying another flavor.
5) Sev Puri (₹60 or $0.84 USD)
An Indian snack chaat served with puri, onions, vegetables, cheese, chutneys ands, sev (crunchy noodles).
If you're a foreigner visiting India for the first time consider trying Indian Street Food at Juhu Beach. It is a nice comfortable setting and things really come alive when the sun goes down. Here is the exact location:
Food Stalls On Juhu Chowpatty
1-62, Juhu Ln, Airport Area, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058, India
3RXG+6H Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Monday to Sunday (7:30a.m.–12a.m.)
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Foreigner Tries Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India | Juhu Beach Street Food Tour Travel Video Transcript:
Indian fast food. It is nice. It looks delicious. Cheese Pav Bhaji. Cheese Pav Bhaji. Oh look at that. Look at that bread just coated in butter. Oh!
Hey guys! Good afternoon good afternoon. Greetings from Mumbai, India. This is my first day here. And I'm going to tell you what I'm going to go on a little bit of a street food tour. Apparently there is some really good street food stalls around here. So my plan is just to go for a wander. Kind of give you my first impressions of what it is like to be here in India. In Mumbai specifically. A city I've never visited. And yeah go eat some delicious street food.
So I'm already here at the Juhu beach. It was probably less than a five minute walk from my hotel. And it is kind of sprawls in all directions.
Just wrapping up this street food tour and my first day here in Mumbai. That was just pretty much an incredible experience. The thing I love about coming back to India and traveling here is that every time you step out the door there is going to be an adventure. You're going to meet people that are going to be charismatic or have these interesting encounters with locals and that is exactly what happened today.
Also I got to eat some really cool street food for the first time and my overall impressions of this area in Mumbai are very good. Like the beach is just an incredible place to hang out. If you are coming to India definitely consider going to this area and also trying this Indian Street Food. So anyways guys thanks so much for watching and we will have more food and travel videos from India coming soon. Ciao!
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