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Jennifer Lawrence & Katy Perry Meet For The First Time On The Golden Globes 2016 Red Carpet

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Jenifer Lawerence and Katy Perry JUST met on the Golden Globes red carpet and saying it was AMAZING is a bit of an under statement.
We can thank award season for bringing together the MOST random selection of our favorite Celebs, and tonight, we got something special! And by something special, I’m talking about this moment between our favorite pop star and Hollywood’s leading young lady. Jenifer Lawrence crossed paths with Katy Perry when Jen stopped by Katy’s interview with Ryan Seacrest on E! Ryan was casually talking about Katy’s recent tweet that praised Jenifer Lawerence and David O Russell’s work in their recent film ‘Joy’ because Katy tweeted “Just saw "JOY". Incredible story. Another point for us dreamers out there...” and that is RIGHT when award show magic kicked in because JLAW was chillin’ ummm just about 5 feet away from them.
After the two had a moment to hug it out, Jenifer’s first comment went to Katy’s hair while Katy joked… “"I have a Bump-it in here. Like an 'as seen on TV' Bump-it…" Keep in mind at this point in time JLAW is literally petting Katy’s hair as she continued… "It's like a loaf of bread for later."
They didn’t stop at hair though, Katy then told the Golden Globe-nominated actress about her experience seeing Joy by saying
"I saw it alone, by myself in Santa Barbara. In my Victoria's Secret pink sweats." JLAW of course being the funny girl she is explained…"This is a sad story," but in all seriousness Katy said QUOTE:
"I was like, ‘I can make it in the world! You inspired me!" but Lawrence seemingly knows who Katy is (because who doesn’t) and said
"Oh, honey, you've already made it,"
Sooo basically it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of and possibly a little bit more… Two girls meet, they praise each other AND a ton of touching and hugging was involved… I’m NOW just waiting for some sort of collaboration between the two.
BUT MOST importantly I’m curious as to what all of you are thinking about this super girl meet up on tonight’s red carpet??? Are you as obsessed with this duo as I am, or could you maybe live without? Get to talking in the comment section below, DO NOT forget to subscribe to our channel… THEN you can click RIGHT here to check out THE BEST moments from tonights Golden Globes. I’m Ryland Adams here at Clevver and I’ll see you REAL SOON!
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