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Justin Bieber Gets New Neck Tattoo & Drops $50K On Miami Mansion

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If your Justin Bieber it doesn't matter if your on the naughty or nice list, you're still going to get everything you want on your wish list, well because you're a millionaire and for him Christmas Definitely came early.
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Boys and girls everywhere have started writing out their Lists to Santa asking for skateboards, dolls, and toys but if you're Justin Bieber, tattoos and a 2 night stay at a versace mansion is what your wish list consist of.
Justin first gift to himself for the Holidays was some new ink! The singer posted to instagram yesterday showing off his new tat. In the photo you can see his fresh tattoo on the back of his neck, showing two matching angel wings peaking up from his collar. He captioned the photo "new Tattoo" with a smiley face. We are loving the tattoo and I do believe counting this one he now has 52 tats total!
The next gift is definitely a stocking stuffer! JB threw down $50,000 for 2 nights in the Miami Versace Mansion for him and his insanely lucky entourage. This mansion is straight out of a fair tale you guys! The pool is lined with 24- carat gold! Ridiculous! Right! 50,000 dollar is more than what my car cost.
I'm curious to see what Christmas Day will look like for Justin? But now I want to know your thoughts. Do you like Justins new tattoo let me know in the comment below or you can always hit me up at Jackie Iadonis on Instagram or Twiiter. Then you can click right here to check out who we think is the Queen of Pop on Debatable! Thank you so much for hanging out with me today on Clevver News I'm Jackie Iadonisi Happy Friday!
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