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Kanye West SHADES Taylor Swift at Drake Concert

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Kanye West is standing his ground and he’s not afraid to give the haters a piece of his mind
Kanye West has broken his silence in more ways than one opening up about his real feelings about those infamous snap chats, the haters, and even reveals his favorite Taylor Swift song
Spoiler alert. He doesn’t have one. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sat down with Harper’s Bazaar in a joint interview for the mag’s September issue which also features the West’s on the cover and no topic was off limits. When asked what their favorite Taylor Swift song is, the couple replied with Kanye saying QUOTE “For me? I don’t have one” while Kim added QUOTE “I was such a fan of hers.” Now obviously things have seriously changed and we all know that Kim is no longer a fan of T-Swift, and we also all know that Taylor’s not too fond of the West’s either, considering the statement she released in response to Kim’s now-viral snap story, but the only person we haven’t heard from is Kanye… until now.
Kanye made a surprise appearance during Drake and Future’s joint Summer 16 tour stop in Chicago, taking the stage to perform ‘Pop Style’ with Drake. The literally brought the house down as Kanye started transitioning into his song, ‘Famous.’ Before the music started, Kanye had a few words for the audience. Check it out.
And after that, Kanye literally screamed into the crowd saying QUOTE “Now y'all can know the truth and can't nobody talk s--t about 'Ye no more.” Naturally, the Yeezy love was real and the crowd went nuts, cheering in support of Kanye. He then performed the beginning of ‘Famous’ pausing to allow the audience to sing that infamous line “I made that bitch famous.”
Kanye seems more determined than ever to protect his integrity throughout this seemingly never-ending feud, but it’s time for you all to weigh in with your thoughts. What do you guys think about what Kanye had to say? Are you glad you’re getting both sides of the story? Let me know right down here in the comments, and then you can click right over here to check out the best summer jam on Debatable, and of course, don’t forget to click that subscribe button for all the latest Clevver vids. Thanks for hanging out, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I”ll see you guys soon.
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