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Why Taylor Swift Can't Actually SUE Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

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Back in February, Taylor’s lawyer threatened Kanye for taping the now-infamous phone call where they discussed the lyrics for Kanye’s song, “Famous.” Sending a letter to his attorney, Taylor’s lawyer made it clear that by recording the call without her knowledge, it was a criminal offense. He lawyer also reportedly demanded that the recording be destroyed immediately, not shown to anyone, and wanted Kanye to send proof that it had been done.
Well, after Kim posted clips from the recording on her Snapchat Sunday night, the Internet exploded with hashtags and everyone started taking sides.
According to California’s “two party consent law,” if someone records a “confidential communication” and the other party doesn’t give consent, yes it’s a crime.
HOWEVER, “confidential communication” DOES NOT include conversations that may be overheard.
TMZ reported that after listening to the FULL tape, Taylor could in fact hear others in the room during the call while she was on speakerphone. At one-point record producer, Rick Rubin chimed in, and even members of the crew are overheard talking in the room. Saying quote: “There’s no doubt listening to the full tape… Taylor knew she was being overheard. As a result, it’s pretty clear … Kanye didn’t violate the law by recording it.”
Looks like Kim knew what she was doing after all. But I want to know what you think about Taylor and Kimye reportedly not being able to go to court, so let me know right down here in the comments below. And tweet me whose side you’re on @_TiffanyTaylor. Then, click right over here to find out even more details about Kim leaking Taylor and Kanye’s call and be sure to hit that subscribe button. Thanks for hanging out with me today. I’m your host Tiffany Taylor. See you guys next time!
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