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Katy Perry DISSES Ex Russell Brand & Chooses Between Taylor Swift's Exes On Ellen

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Katy Perry DISSES EX husband Russell Brand and Chooses who she’d date between Taylor Swift’s Ex’s.
Katy is making her return to music and causing quite the commotion.
First of all Katy told Ellen that she told her hair stylist She wanted the Ellen haircut – Which I think is EVERTHING, but the real tea is that she died her hair too blonde and it kind of broke off so they salvaged what they could and made her look as bomb as possible. aka the result is her current haircut. HOWEVER she did say shes like to make something out of everything and said she might keep it as people are now saying they can see the beauty of her face.
During the interview the two also played a game of ‘Will You Perry Me?’ Katy was hesitant, and even managed to diss her ex husband before the game even started saying: “Is this a set up? Am I going to have to get married AGAAAAAAAAIN?!” but when Katy found out Ellen would donate $10,000 to charity if she played the game she decided she was ALL IN.
She might have regretted that decision after having to choose who she’d date between a bunch of Taylor Swift’s ex’s.
here we’re a whole bunch of guys but in the mix, but notable there were both Harry Styles AND Tom Hiddleston… for some reason I can’t help but think that was unintentional… It dosent matter though because in the end Katy ended up choosing Leonardo DiCaprio.
Of course Ellen had to bring up the rumors surrounding American Idol… Katy kept her mouth shut, being all the confirmation we needed!!
Of course Katy was there to promote her new album ’Witness’ that comes out on June 9th. Katy talked about embracing her 30’s and the different sides of her on this album. Her Tour will launch on September 7th and Katy has partnered up with the boys and girls club of America which means 1 dollar from every ticket sold in America will be donated to a boys and girls club.
She also has over 100 tickets available for fans to earn doing volunteer work! She told Ellen if you wanna get involved with that you can www.bgca.org/katyperry to get all the details on that.
Alright you guys, what do you think about Katy choosing between Taylor’s ex’s? are we making their feud bigger than it actually is, or do you live for the drama? Let’s chat in the comments below, then click here to check out the first episode of it got real. It’s a new docu series on Clevver Style following Erin as she has to get surgery. It a must watch, you won’t regret it. I’m Ryland Adams, thanks for watching. See you soon!
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