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Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry: Best Soda Commercial?!

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Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry: Best Soda Commercial?!
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Holy Soda Commercial! Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have created some prettttty cool ads, but between Katy's Epic Pepsi Halftime Announcement and Taylor's kitten-centric Diet Coke spot, who do you think wins the title of Soda Commercial Queen?
OK, let's get this soda party going with my girl, Taylor. Her Diet Coke commercial was literally one of the cutest things I've ever seen. First it was one kitten, then two and before you know it... we're in Cute Overload Zone.
But Tay's not the only cat lady on the block. Miss Katy Perry not only had cats, but she also had: glitter, sharks, robots.... truly the only word to describe it is EPIC. I mean how can you not watch the half-time show?
Both ladies made SUCH fun spots, it's true, but we gotta pick a Soda Commercial Queen- are you Team Katy or Team Taylor? Let's talk it out below and as always...
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