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WTF! Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Feuding?!

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WTF! Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Feuding?!
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This week Taylor Swift opened up to Rolling Stone Magazine about a female musician in the industry who hasn't been very nice to her over the years. Call it what you want, but real talk… can't we all just get along?
Okay… so let's break this down, because I know we have ALL dealt with a mean girl or two in our lives. BUT GUYS… hello!! What's the point? If it's a competition thing… THERES ROOM AT THE TOP FOR EVERYONE! And PS: Who would be mean to Taylor Swift?
But guys…. the worst part? Some people are saying it's Katy Perry she's referring to - SAY WHAT? Obvisouly nothing is confirmed, but in the interview Tay Tay opened up about it.
OK, I'm dying to hear your theories. Who do you think tried to spoil all the fun.
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