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Katy Perry Says She'll Collaborate With Taylor Swift Under THIS Condition

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Or maybe we don’t! Katy Perry says she’ll collaborate with Taylor Swift... on one condition.
Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes but there may be another solution!
It all went down on Katy Perry’s Twitter account Saturday evening. Katy engaged in a rare Q&A with fans and answered a ton of fan questions including one who asked, “will you collab with Taylor swift”, to which Katy shockingly admitted, “if she says sorry, sure!” SURE?! Wait, didn’t Katy call Taylor a “Regina George in sheep’s clothing?” I guess all it takes is one “Sorry” and the bad blood could be gone. But the big question is, apologize for what? We all know that Taylor’s song “Bad Blood” is about an unnamed famous former friend who turned on her. Whom fans believe is Katy Perry. Back in 2013 Katy reportedly “stole” backup dancers for her Prism tour away from Taylor’s RED tour which could be the “turning on her” claim. Taylor’s ex Calvin Harris recently confirmed via tweet that Taylor tried to “bury” Katy Perry. On top of all that, Katy and Taylor both dated John Mayer. Awkward. But it’s not too late to say sorry! If Taylor Swift apologizes to Katy in any way shape or form we could have a “Good Blood” collaboration coming our way! So the ball is in Taylor’s court, but we’re not so sure she’ll jump at this opportunity. Taylor has a lot of drama going on right now with Kim Kardashian and Tom Hiddleston. And Katy could be looking for press for to promote her upcoming new album. We want you to be the final judge so tell us below if you think Taylor will respond and say “sorry” or do you think this is a PR trap?! Make sure you’re sub’d to Clevver News and then be sure to check out Taylor Swift singing her ex Calvin Harris’ song over the weekend! I’m your host Joslyn Davis and I’ll catch you later.
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