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Life in Tokyo, Japan | What is it like Living in Japan as Foreigners?

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Come join us for our life in Tokyo, Japan vlog where we highlight what it is like living in Japan as foreigners by showing you a typical non-travel day where we do things like go grocery shopping, do our laundry, work on video editing and grab a cheap inexpensive local meal.
We start off the day by showing you guys our breakfast in our apartment in Tokyo which was basically just green tea, peanut butter, banana and bread. Afterwards we do a bit of work on our computers before heading out to do laundry.
Lunch consisted of visiting an inexpensive ramen joint where Audrey ordered a bowl of ramen and I had mixed rice with a sweet and sour glaze and shrimp.
Next up we picked up some fruit from a local vendor before doing some more filming work and having dinner in our apartment which consisted of sushi and red wine. To finish things off we show you around our neighborhood at night.
So yeah basically this is our life in Tokyo, Japan on a typical day. Do you have experience living in Japan as a foreigner? Let us know in the comments below.
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Life in Tokyo, Japan | What is it like Living in Japan as Foreigners Travel Food Video Transcript:
Good morning guys. It is a Sunday here in Tokyo. And we thought we'd do something a little bit different. Like we've been out sightseeing. Filming food videos. Running around but obviously not everyday is like that. We wanted to do a casual a day in our life in Tokyo video on a rainy Sunday seems like a good idea. On a rainy Sunday. And we are just sitting down here at our chabudai which is a traditional Japanese table. Low to the ground. We are having breakfast. Yes. And the plan basically is yeah just going to be a day in the life in Japan so we are going to go out maybe show you our neighborhood. Maybe have some ramen for lunch. We've been talking about that.
We're thinking of doing laundry today. We have to do laundry. It has been a while. Our clothes don't magically clean themselves. No. We are also maybe going to go for a little walk there is a little stream nearby our house. Yes. So it is just going to basically be a typical day here in Tokyo, Japan. And we're also going to show you just what we get up to when we're not really doing a sightseeing day here. Yes. But first breakfast.
Laundry is done. Now it is time for lunch. Yes and so because I didn't have breakfast my appetite has been growing by the hour. I'm so ready for it whatever it is we have. We are not sure what is open on a Sunday but I think we're going to try the ramen spot that is nearby.
Yes there is one near the subway station that I've been to a couple of times. And it is super cheap and the noodles are really tasty.
We are heading back to our apartment now. Yep. I hope you guys enjoyed this day in the life vlog. Yeah. Getting to see what our daily routine in Tokyo has been like. Yeah. It has just been like we've been living here in Tokyo for quite a while so it is just cool to show you like what a slice of our life is like here. Yeah. Well by a while we mean like almost a month which for us is a long time when you're traveling full time. Oh and there is gate opening. Parking lot gate. But yeah I mean that was a little taste of what we get up to on days when we aren't filming or sightseeing. We were filming videos in our apartment but I mean yeah you get the idea. So yeah productive day. We made a whole bunch of videos. We did our laundry. We cleaned up the apartment and now I think we're going to go chill so we'll see you guys in the next video.
This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.
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