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Malaysian Street Food - GENIUS MALAY FOOD in Terengganu, Malaysia!

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Huge thanks to Pett (). Go eat at Rahsia Kitchen when you’re in Kuala Terengganu!
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TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA - I was really excited to visit the East Coast of main peninsular Malaysia, known especially for Malay food. From the moment I arrived and started eating fermented durian, fermented fish sauce, and tons of different curries, I knew it was amazing place.
We met up with Pet, head chef of Rahsia Kitchen - by the way they serve excellent Western food in Kuala Terengganu - and he took us around for the day to eat some of the best local Malay food in Terengganu.
Nasi Dagang Atas Tol - When Malaysian think of Malay food in Terengganu, the number one dish they would think of, that’s associated with the state is nasi dagang. Nasi dagang is rice cooked with coconut milk and fenugreek, then served with a tuna curry. It’s an amazing dish and something you don’t want to miss. Nasi Dagang Atas Tol is also known for their bubble bath milk tea, which has suds like I’ve never seen.
Price - about 3.50 MYR ($0.96) per plate
Local market and Genius Malay food - At the market we met up with Naqwit Mohammed who is a local artist and musician. He connected with Pett and I on social media, and met up with us to show us around the market since he’s from that village. The market was incredible, packed full of delicious Malaysian food, and with an incredibly friendly feel. The namu namu fruit was unique and delicious, and a first for me, and I also was fascinated by the fish mixed with coconut, then re-filled back into fish shape - this was a genius food for me. Perfect place to walk around and sample Malay foods.
Singgang Budu Restaurant - For lunch we drove into Kuala Terengganu, the main city and had lunch at Singgang Budu Restaurant, know for nasi campur (mix of different dishes), eaten along with budu sauce (fermented anchovy sauce) and tempoyak (fermented durian). Great meal.
Warung Pok Nong - Finally, another unique and very locally popular restaurant in Terengganu is Warung Pok Nong, known for their extreme deep fried seafood, and located along the ocean. It’s an amazing place, where you can snack on some incredibly crunchy seafood.
It was amazing day of food and fun in Terengganu. It’s an amazing state in Malaysia to learn about authentic Malay culture and food.
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