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Mouthwatering KOREAN food tour in SEOUL | SEOUL's secret food streets | TOFU ALLEY + JOKBAL ALLEY

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA is a street food paradise! Hidden all over the city are food towns, streets and alleys dedicated to serving one particular Korean dish and in this series we’re setting out to find some of them and taking you on a delicious Korean food tour.
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We start our food tour at the base of Dobongsan Mountain where a street made up of tofu restaurants lies. The restaurants here are famous for preparing their tofu daily and so it is super fresh! We eat a plate of sliced tofu made up of plain, carrot and mugwort tofu together with kimchi and slices of pork belly. We also order a bubbling pot of sundubu jjigae- soft tofu stew.

Next up we head back into central Seoul to find Jokbal Alley. Jokbal is a popular Korean dish of braised pigs trotters. We find a bustling restaurant and order the small jokbal meal which is made up of braised pigs trotters, soup, lettuce wraps, sundae- Korean blood sausage- and various sauces and banchan (sides). It's a MOUTHWATERING meal.

What we ate and where we ate it:

Dubu Alley (Tofu Alley). Take train to Dobongsan Station. Restaurant located between the two Red Face stores on the street that leads to the National Park.

Jokbal Alley, 256-44 Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Restaurant on the right hand side, about two doors down with the open kitchen.

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