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Scream Queens NEW Season 2 Promo Introduces Hot Doctors to Chanels

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Scream Queens just released ANOTHER teaser for season two and it is filled with blood, bandages, and John Stamos.
Wheww, the doctors have arrived and who knew they would look this good in white coats?!
We’re just a little over a month away from the premiere of season two of Scream Queens, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait that long to see some of the new characters in action.
FOX just released another teaser trailer introducing a few of the good lookin’ new doctors as they wheel patients down a hospital hallway. And let’s not forget Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, reappearing as she takes her rightful place as the one in charge.
Yikes. What kind of patients are they dealing with here? One of them has a long, curved scar on the side of their head and the other’s face is completely wrapped in bandages. Buuut the bloody trailer doesn’t end there. Dean, or maybe Doctor Munsch now, reminds us that she still reigns supreme over the Chanels.
Okay, if that doesn’t make you excited to see the next season, then I don’t know what will. The whole clip is basically a mirror image of the teaser that was released back in July where we got our first look at the Chanel’s as they walked down the same hospital hallway.
Season two is set to premiere on September 20th and is going to be all about life in the hospital, but with more blood and more murders. Picking up years after the events from season one, the Chanels are now medical students and Dean Munsch is said to take on the cases that everyone else thinks are incurable.
Plus, John Stamos will play the hunky Dr. Brock Holt, a brilliant but secretive head surgeon. And Taylor Lautner joins the cast as Dr. Cassidy Cascade. But apparently he has a pretty strange medical condition.
The whole cast is getting us super excited for the new season, posting lots of pics on social media. Taylor even shared this clip on Instagram with the caption, “Behind the scenes of our fun family photoshoots…”
I loved season one, so I definitely cannot wait to watch Scream Queen this season. But now I want to know what YOU think about the new trailer. How excited are you to see these new characters? Lemme know all your thoughts right down here in the comments section below, subscribe to our channel, and THEN click right over here to watch as we choose sides in the Kim vs Taylor debate. I’m your girl Tiffany Taylor, thanks for hanging, and I’ll catch ya later!
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