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Selena Gomez CRIES Over Fans & The Debut Of 'Rare'

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Just hours before Selena Gomez dropped her highly anticipated album Rare, she delivered an inspirational message to her fans, and you may want to grab the tissues for this one. What’s up guys, and a happy Friday it REALLY is, because Selena Gomez’ new album Rare has officially dropped, and we’re about to be all up in our feels on repeat for the next year… count on it.And it’s no question this may her one of her most anticipated albums to date, because we’ve had four years to think about it, but let’s face it: Selena has been through a world of highs, lows, life lessons, heartbreak and healing over the past four years, so she’s had a lot of material to work with. That said, just hours before the release of Rare last night, Selena opened up about the process of making the album and what her fans really mean to her.During a sit-down with Spotify called Rare Stories, Selena nearly broke down as she touched on just how much the fans have changed her life. Take a look:Selena went on to add that she was especially affected by the fans that would share their deepest stories with her, saying QUOTE, “The most heartbreaking conversations are where they are just telling me that they are suffering.”
SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. On that note, when it came to naming the album, Selena took inspiration from the messages she relays to her fans about how loved and how special they are, and as soon as she heard the name ‘Rare’ a few years ago, it instantly stuck.
And with Rare now being at the disposal of fans around the world to play on repeat while navigating the new year, Sel shared that her biggest hope is that her story will serve as a reminder to keep pushing through whatever it is fans are going through and that big things are still to come. Not gonna lie, that one got me deep down to my soul, you guys!
But as much as you think this album is about to put you on an emotional journey, Selena admitted to fans that the creation of her third studio album, and first release of music after four years was FAR from simple...Simple as that! The process took years because of the fact that Selena would encounter even more life-changing experiences that would cause her to rewrite and rerecord each time. And if the first two tracks Selena released from Rare are any indication of what the rest of the album will bring, let’s just say we’re in for quite an emotional journey.And that she DEFINITELY did.So if you thought we were gonna stay up until we cried ourselves to sleep listening to the rest of the album, we absolutely did. But I know you guys have a lot of thoughts on the matter, so I’m curious to hear some of your favorite songs from Rare… which ones are you gonna be playing on repeat, and also, how freaking sweet was her message to her fans? Start up a conversation down here in the comments, and I will be sure to follow suit. After that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out another new video, and don’t forget to give that subscribe button some love so you never miss an update.I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr., and have a great weekend!
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