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Taylor Swift MOCKS Kim K's Robbery In "Look What You Made Me Do" Video?

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Well since LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO dropped during the vma’s last night, the public is even more confused than ever about certain messages in the video. That’s right, many are accusing Taylor Swift of flat out mocking Kim Kardashian’s gunpoint robbery in the bathtub scene where she’s surrounded by jewels and pearls. Now everyone is hypothesizing that this scene is due to Kanye’s rap lyric “I made that bitch famous” in his single “famous”, and taylor isn’t quite ready to let it go, so she made things personal. Whether that’s actually true or not, we will never know. But it does make a wee bit of sense why she would be motivated to include a reference to Kims robbery in her music video.
Fans all over twitter were quick to jump to the robbery conspiracy theory. One wrote “Just watched the video. I Hope the bathtub scene isn’t referring to #kimkardashians #robbery”
But in case you don’t believe in the robbery reference, people are defending Taylor saying: “Taylor swift said in an interview in 2015 that the media paints her as some character who sits in a bathtub full of diamonds.” and “there are so many reasons as to why taylor could’ve been in that bathtub filled with jewels but kim’s robbery isn’t one of them.
As For kim and kanye, they seem to be OVER this whole taylor swift feud, one source close to the couple told TMZ that Kim has other things to worry about than a feud with Taylor Swift…
Who knows, maybe taylor is using the feud for news coverage and publictiy like this video your watching. You decide.
If you haven’t seen the video yet you’ve probably been living under a rock, but definitely give it a look and let me know what YOU think about this whole “robbery reference” in the comment section down below. Also, will this feud ever end? When your done commenting, be sure to click right over here for 7 things you missed in look at what you made me do. I’m tom plumley thanks so much for watching clevver news.
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