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Taylor Swift Mocks HERSELF In "Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video

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Well, it’s safe to say the cat is officially out of the bag, and Taylor Swift has been made well aware of every little thing she’s ever been dragged for since the beginning of her entire career, but we can’t say she didn’t warn us about rising from the dead… literally.
The video’s director Joseph Kahn takes us down a dark trip through memory lane, revisiting all bidding adieu to all the “Old Taylors” during some of her most iconic career moments, including “You Belong With Me”, “Shake It Off”, and the Kanye West VMA debacle that first started it all…
OHHH THE SHADE… But besides taking serious hits at herself, Taylor also took this opportunity to take hits at the media and anyone who’s ever participated in a #TaylorSwiftIsOver party, including a scene where she sits on a throne full of snakes and one where she dances in front of a group of men with the infamous “I Heart T.S.” shirt that Tom Hiddleston wore.
So I could probably sit here dissecting the entire video all night (which, let’s be real, I probably will at some point), but perhaps the best part of the entire video that has EVERYONE talking was the very end where Taylor brings back every iteration of herself as each of the Taylors are bickering at one another for playing the victim, making her surprised award show face, saving receipts, and even her own words that ended up backfiring on her (*cough* Kim K.), “being excluded from this narrative.”
Well that’s one way to silence the haters… but in reality, it’ll probably just give them all something else to talk about. I’ve gotta say though, I am living for this whole rebranding and complete different direction Taylor went in with her music yet again – girl never ceases to surprise us… but right now I gotta know all your thoughts on Taylor’s music video, if you’re able to form a sentence after all the madness, so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that be sure to click right over here to see Miley Cyrus take the VMA stage, and NO, twerking and foam fingers were not involved in the making of this performance. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver’s award show coverage, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time.
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