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Zendaya & Jacob Elordi Spotted On ANOTHER "Date"!

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Euphoria co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are certainly adding flames to these dating rumors. First, a romantic rendezvous in Greece, Instagram flirting in the comments and now an intimate movie date night.What's up y’all, I'm Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and shippers, you heard that right. We now have TWO Zendaya and Jacob sightings that are making us think... these two are definitely more than friends!Their characters on-screen despise each other… but in reality it seems these two are very fond of one another!US Weekly reported the actors were spotted at the movie theaters together in Los Angeles last week, just the two of them. Apparently, Jacob was trying to keep a low profile wearing a hat to cover his face, but sneaky fans recognized the co-stars.

Now... if only we knew what movie they saw.
This new development in their more-than-friends relationship comes a month after all these dating rumors got started when fans, again, ran into both Zendaya AND Jacob conspicuously at the same location in Greece.

You guys remember this picture, Yep that is Zendaya and Jacob Elordi chilling in Greece!Happy fans snapped individual photos with the stars lounging at the Kaiki Beach Club and social media detectives went WILD pointing out that although there were no photos of them together at the Beach Club, they were in the exact same spot at the exact same time half way across the world… around Zendaya’s birthday…YEP, ITS ALL VERY SUS!
Another fan confirmed that Zendaya and Jacob were in fact in Greece together. She posted a selfie with her and Zendaya in Dapia onto Twitter, and wrote, "They were just walking together. They weren't even touching each other."And well, once may just be a fluke. Maybe it’s just two co-stars turned friends enjoying a little downtime in a foreign country together... no big deal. But spotted together again?Well now fans want to know the truth - What's going on?

We don’t know the truth yet, but we do know that the possible lovers have the support of their Euphoria cast mates.Will Peltz, who plays Luke Kasten on the gritty HBO drama, told US Weekly in September that he has quote "no idea" if his co-stars are romantically involved. But, he added: "I have no predictions, but they'd definitely be a cute couple, though, for sure!"
Ok so everyone is playing it coy with these two... including Jacob! In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter back in June, the ever professional actor gave no indication of any romance between him and Zendaya, but said this about working with her and the Euphoria cast:

And of course... Zen hasn't even given the slightest hint that she and Jacob are anything but friendly co-workers.

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