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Zendaya & Jacob Elordi SPOTTED On Date Night!

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Even after all these months of are they or aren’t they? Zendaya is continuing to spark dating rumors with her “Euphoria” costar Jacob Elordi and fans are still shipping these two.What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Zendaya and Jacob Elordi have been keeping us on our toes for a while now as we try to figure out if these two are a couple or just really good friends.The dating rumors really started picking up back in August when this picture surfaced on Instagram.I’m sure you’ve all seen this pic by now, but if you look closely in the background you can see Zendaya and Jacob sight-seeing together in Greece.And since then they were spotted out at the movies together, hung out in Jacob’s and my home country of Australia, and they’ve been liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.And while none of that really confirms a relationship, even their other co-stars ship them.Will Peltz, who plays Luke Kasten on Euphoria, told US Weekly in September that he has quote "no idea" if his co-stars are romantically involved. Then in December, Jacob actually weighed in on his dating speculation with Zendaya but he was pretty vague and seemed to dodge the question a bit.In an interview with GQ Australia Jacob said quote, “She's like my sister.”Ok so, while you don’t think of someone as your sister and also date them, maybe Jacob was just playing it down.And this isn’t the first time Jacob has said basically that same thing.In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter back in June, he gave no indication of any romance between him and Zendaya, but said this about working with her and the Euphoria cast.And now, fans have found another reason to believe that Jacob and Zendaya are indeed an item.On Thursday the two attended the 2020 American Australian Arts Awards dinner together in New York City.The event honored entertainers from Australia, where Jacob is from.And Jacob received the Rising Star award at the event, which Zendaya actually presented to him. In her speech Zendaya referred to Jacob as her “best friend,” but hey, your boyfriend can also be your best friend too, right?Z and Jacob arrived at the awards together and were photographed as they took over the carpet and exited.But they to kept it lowkey and walked the red carpet separate at the event.Which is no surprise, we all know Zendaya is very private about her dating life.And we just have to say, Z looked absolutely stunning in this flowing cut-out dress.Seriously, everything she wears looks perfect on her, even baggy sweatshirts like the ones in Euphoria! And Jacob also looked very dapper himself in an all-black suit.People who attended the event shared photos from inside showing Zendaya and Jacob together and they also sat next to each other for dinner.And according to The Blast, they even hit up SoHo House together after the charity event. And of course, fans are now taking to Twitter to try to figure out if Z and Jacob are together.Some fans are wondering if Zendaya calling him her “best friend” was her trying to squash their dating rumors.They brought back up some of her past rumored relationships to prove their points.But other fans are just still out here shipping these two, regardless of whether or not they are just friends or a couple.And we love them both either way! Dating or not.But I want to know what you guys about all of thisDo you think Zendaya and Jacob are together? And do you ship these two? Or do you think they are just friends?Let me know down in the comments below.After that, why don’t you dive in to more Clevver News by hitting that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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