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Jacob Elordi Suffered CONCUSSION In Finale Of 'Euphoria'

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Watching some of the darker parts of Euphoria physically pained me, but it pained one of the cast members even more.
What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here for Clevver news and first of all, if you haven’t watched the final episode of Euphoria, you may think that this story has a spoiler in it and I don’t want to upset any of you - it isn’t really, but just incase, this is your spoiler alert. OK, now that we’ve cleared that up, Jacob Elordi, AKA Nate Jacobs, got physically injured while filming one of his last scenes of filming.

He told Entertainment Weekly about the scene where him and his dad, played by Eric Dane, get into a physical fight.
“Eric and I, we’re incredibly close”, Jacob said, “so I basically said to him ‘let’s rock and roll and make it sort of as real as possible”
Despite their close and very believable portrayal of father and son… the two rock and rolled a little too hard during that scene because Eric punched Jacob right in the head, giving him a concussion.

Jacob said “I was bleeding… I ended up throwing up after work. It was gnarly”
Man, that is full on! And this is why we always follow safety standards, people!

Luckily for Jacob, it was one of the last scenes that he needed to film for the season.

“It was almost like this massive letting go of everything over the eight months that we filmed. It was incredibly grueling but it was so worthwhile.”
Worthwhile it was – because fans of Euphoria loved his performance.

This one fan said “Jacob Elordi’s acting was honestly so amazing and seeing his character breakdown like that actually gave me chills.”
Another said “Jacob Elordi walking onto the set of the Kissing Booth 2 after delivering an emmy-award-winning worthy performance on Euphoria”
So hopefully he has healed up quickly, because it looks like he’s set to be the next big thing in Hollywood. Did someone say Noah Centineo who?? Just kidding! There’s definitely more than enough room for these 2 heart throbs in Hollywood.

OK but right now I want to hear from you guys. Did you guys love his performance in Euphoria? And what about The Kissing Booth? Also who else was your favorite character in Euphoria now that it’s all said and done? Let me know in the comments below.
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