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Bella Hadid Calls TRUCE With Selena Gomez On Instagram?

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Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid were very close in the past, but drifted apart when Selena started dating Bella’s ex, The Weeknd. However, now that the musicians have broken up, the two women seem to be making amends to their relationship. Fans are speculating that Bella is willing to put the drama behind them and rekindle their friendship.
Why, you ask? Thanks to some serious internet sleuthing, fans discovered that the model apparently LIKED a post of Selena’s on instagram that went up on Monday.
Fans are thirsty for any indication that the friendship is back on track, since it was no secret how Bella felt when Selena started dating her ex a mere 2 months after their breakup.
A source close to the. Model said, “Bella loved [The Weeknd] and was friends with Selena so when they started dating it definitely hurt [her]". However, it appears that the sister is returning before the mister and Bella hopefully didn’t accidentally double tap the video Selena posted on her gram. in the vid in question, the “bad liar” is cruising around Sydney Australia with friends and looks like she’s having a great time. She captioned the video decrying the “beauty myth” that “traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness and self-hatred” as she is unable to live up to society’s ridiculous beauty standards. Maybe, as a model, those words really resonated with Bella? Or maybe she was just happy to see an old friend living her best life? Or maybe now that Selena has seriously split from The Weeknd and Justin Bieber, the two women will have time to focus on their friendship? Or maybe this has something to do with The Weeknd sneaking out of Bella’s place back in November 2017 after his breakup with Selena?
Only time will tell, but we are sure happy that Selena and Bella seem to want their drama to be water under the bridge. Well, what do you think? Does this mark a turning point for Bella and Selena or are we making too big of a deal of this? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comment section below and when you’re done with that, click right over here to see Selena clap back at body shamers. Thank you so much for watching Clevver News, I'm Zoë Lillian and I’ll see you next time!
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