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Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Recap Confirms MAJOR Fan Theory

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Talk about an epic season closer! Jon, Daenerys, Margery- oh my! And a fan theory made reality! Spoilers ahead so keep watching at your own discretion.
Game of Thrones just made history with the best finale in television history. Winter is here!
Season 6 of Game of Thrones has been a game changer in the world of Westeros and last night’s episode- the finale of all finales- gave us all things we’ve been waiting for! I know you need someone to vent to, someone to freak out with, so my fellow Got addicts let’s do this together. Before we begin our recap let’s take a second to reflect on where we were at the beginning of this whole series and where we are now. Episosode 1 of the first season this entire world was run by men. You had Ned Stark in the north in alliance with King Baratheon. Tywin Lannister pulling all the strings in House Lannister. Daenery’s was a shadow completely controlled by her evil brother Viserys. And so on. The world was run by men! And look at what’s happened! The tables have not just turned, they’ve flipped a bitched and landed on their asses and this is officially a battle of the Queens. From Cersei to Daenerys, Sansa in the North to Yara Greyjoy to that little girl next to Jon who keeps shutting all the men up. The women are ruling and we’re heading into a battle like we’ve never scene! This is a feminist’s wet dream. Now back to the opening scene. In one quick, sophisticated move Cersei Lannister incinerates every one of her foes. Cersei’s enemies, from the High Sparrow and all his cult followers to Lancel to Pycelle to all the courtiers who turned up to see her trial, are taken care of in one flash. Queen Margery and her brother are toast. And Margery, being one of Cersei’s only intellectual equals figured it out…
But unfortunately it happened minutes too late. And she burned them the way the Mad King wanted to burn his city. Jaime, beware. Cersei Lannister’s evil is now unbridled. Because a Cersei without her kids is as bad as the Mad King you knew to kill. And Tommen? Poor, sweet, innocent Tommen, with no one to comfort him witnesses the death of his queen and the limitless evil to his mother and with absolutely no trepidation…So many important characters wiped out. And that was just the beginning. Meanwhile, in the North, Jon Snow is declared king. In a scene a bit too familiar little Lyanna Mormont- the breakout star of season 6- is the first to courageously raise her hand in loyalty to the Stark Bastard. And the rest follow in her example and declare Jon Snow a Stark once more and the King of the North because the North remembers. But let us not forget that look between Sansa, who has struggled to trust her brother wholeheartedly, and Little Finger who despite having sold Sansa and her virginity to the Boltons, claims he wants her. And he wants the throne. He and Sansa share a look that speaks volumes. We’ll see what happens in that power triangle.
Now Brandon Stark who was missing from GoT during the entire fifth season was returned to us in season 6. But while so many other characters have enjoyed rich, complex story lines, I still feel like Bran’s character has been somewhat wasted. Sure, he’s now the new 3-eyed raven but his entire story line this season culminated in him now learning Jon’s real bloodline. But he hasn’t actually moved the action forward in any significant way. Now, about that Jon Snow revelation. Holy effing smoke. In a flashback sequence that made us all wet our pants, a young Ned Stark tries to save his young sister Lyanna. But what he discovers is that Lyanna is bleeding out. She’s not gonna make it. But before she dies, she gives him the Holy Grail of secrets. Her baby son of Targarryan blood. And she forces him to keep a promise.
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