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Haircut in India | Indian Barber hair cut, beard shave and head massage in Kolkata

Join us as we get a haircut in India visiting a local Indian barber where we receive a hair cut, wet beard shave and Indian head massage in Kolkata, India. After traveling in India for nearly a month my Dad and I both thought it would be a good idea to have a nice haircut, shave and massage before heading back home to Canada. We found our Indian barber just a short distance from our hotel down an alley off of Sudder Street in Kolkata (কলকাতা). He was kind enough to let us film our entire experience getting a haircut, beard shave and head and body massage so we tipped him generously. Compared t other barbers he was skilled and efficient. We'd definitely go back again to have a haircut in Calcutta (কলকাতা) if we get a chance.
हमारे साथ जुड़ें क्योंकि हमें भारत में एक स्थानीय भारतीय नाई का दौरा मिलता है जहां हमें बाल कट, गीला दाढ़ी दाढ़ी और भारत में कोलकाता में भारतीय सिर की मालिश मिलती है। लगभग एक महीने तक भारत में यात्रा करने के बाद मेरे पिताजी और मैंने दोनों सोचा कि कनाडा में घर वापस जाने से पहले एक अच्छा बाल कटवाने, दाढ़ी और मालिश करने का यह एक अच्छा विचार होगा। हमने हमारे भारतीय नाई को कोलकाता (कोलकाता) में सुडेर स्ट्रीट के गली से हमारे होटल से थोड़ी दूरी पर पाया। वह हमें अपने पूरे अनुभव को एक बाल कटवाने, दाढ़ी दाढ़ी और सिर और शरीर की मालिश करने के लिए फिल्म देने के लिए पर्याप्त था, ताकि हम उसे उदारता से इत्तला दे दी। तुलना की अन्य टैक्सी वह कुशल और कुशल था। हम निश्चित रूप से कलकत्ता (कलकत्ता) में एक बाल कटवाने के लिए फिर से वापस जाना चाहते हैं अगर हमें मौका मिले।
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Haircut in India | Indian Barber hair cut, beard shave and head massage in Kolkata travel video transcript:
So today is our last day in India. We're here in Kolkata (কলকাতা) in India and it is our very last day. Tomorrow we're all taking off. And you know what? We're kind of looking a little bit scruffy. Even you. Not as bad as me. But we need a shave and we need a haircut so we're going to go and do that right now here in Calcutta (কলকাতা).
Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Clean shaven and a haircut. All ready back for Canada.
So I had been looking for a place to get a hair cut and a shave on Sudder Street which is where we're staying and no cigar. I looked around for quite a while and couldn't find anything but down this street here I think it is called yeah Hertford Lane I found a little spot and I asked them 'hey can we go get a shave and haircut' and he said 'yeah of course' and can we film and he said yeah of course. So we're going there right now.
A little bit off of the top. Oh, someone is getting ready for a hair cut. Are you all ready? Oh yeah. Already for this?
That is awesome.
Yeah, here we go. How are you enjoying that? Yeah, it is great. Does it feel good? This is not going to make me smarter. Haha.
That is good. Yeah. We've been taking a lot of train rides and like our you know our neck muscles our back muscles. There is a lot of tension. So this will relieve all of that tension for sure.
Thank you.
Alright, so we've had our haircuts, we're clean shaven and we each got a massage.
And that came to like 240 Rupees. Which is what? Like 3 or 4 US dollars total. So we gave the guy a really good tip. We gave him an extra over 150 Rupees because the guy did such a good job. And what do you think of your haircut?
Well it was awesome and the head massage and the upper body massage was well worth it and you know you just think of the value in Canadian dollars. Like you just can't. It is insane value. But this guy. This guy is a really skilled practitioner and it is perfect because we're both taking flights back home from Canada. .We definitely needed that massage and now we look all clean cut so hopefully immigration lets us in. We won't have any problems in immigration for sure. I hope not. We're too clean cut looking. There you go.
This is part of our Travel in India video series showcasing Indian culture.
Music in this video courtesy of YouTube Audio Library.
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