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Come join us for a luxury Indian house tour in Hyderabad, India as we tour our rental called the Purple Door in the exclusive neighborhood of Banjara Hills. This house we rented for several nights provided the perfect base for us to explore Hyderabad being roughly 10-15 minutes away from the city centre.
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Good morning guys! Welcome to Hyderabad, India. Today I'm going to give you a luxury house tour of our place here in Banjara Hills. This is a pretty exclusive area so I'm really excited to show you around. Let's go through the gate.
You first come into here and there is a really cool area like I love how there is so many lush green plants and different things over here. Check out that man there is like a palm tree and as we move along here these is a little seating area.
Purple door. And that is the theme of the entire house. There is a lot of purple inside. As we go in the first thing you'll notice is that they have flip flops for me to put on which is cool because it keeps your feet nice and clean. And then turning over here this is actually one of my favorite parts of the whole house.
Like the staircase is really cool. It spirals all of the way up to the second level. This first level is small. All we have is two basic chairs where you can hang out.
We'll go up here and the first place we'll check out is the living room. Now if you remember this is called the Purple Door and check out the couches. Both of them are purple. They are really comfortable.
And then up top you've got a picture of the Himilayan Mountain Range which is absolutely stunning. Ice capped mountains.
Tiny little TV. Coming through here ah man check out this. You could just totally chill here. You've got a collection of books. Let's pick out a book. Sit down and read. Maybe even fall asleep.
A couple of barstools so more artwork. Now this is something that is really cool. I think like this chunk of rock has been integrated into the structure of the house. And you can see how it is just like naturally flows into the brick area.
Then over here nice dining table. And then turning around here a fully equipped kitchen. Teapots, we've got cups, plates everything you need to have a meal.
Coming into the kitchen we have well we have a fridge which we only have two water bottles to keep ourselves hydrated. Now my favorite part about this kitchen is that we have a water cooler.
Let's move on the the bedrooms. So there is two bedrooms. They are both roughly about the same size. We'll go and check out the one I'm staying in first so take a right into here. We have what I think is considered to be a double or queen size bed.
Now this the thing I like most about this room is that it is nice and spacious. Like there is just tonnes of space. And then over here we have a nice comfortable desk.
Some more thoughtful decorations and then again more pictures of Nepal. Up here we have a cool mirror. Check yourself out before you go out.
Air conditioning. We haven't turned that on we probably should. It is pretty hot. And then this is your standard Indian bathroom.
You've got kind of a wet shower area. Very simple shower but up top we have a heater. You don't need to turn it on because it is so hot. Cold shower actually is really refreshing. Nice little toilet. The only other place for me to show you would be the next bedroom.
Now the nice thing about this room is that you have the king sized bed man. The second bathroom that we have is basically exactly the same.
Ff you're coming to Hyderabad, India you should definitely consider staying in this area. It is really nice. This apartment has been really comfortable and that is it for this tour. Ciao for now.
This is part of our Travel in India video series showcasing Indian food, Indian culture and Indian cuisine.
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