Jeffree Star DRAGGED For DESTROYING Louis Vuitton Bag For Costume


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Jeffree Star just completely destroyed a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag for a Halloween costume, and to say that fans are freaking out would be a HUGE understatement.
Before Shane Dawson ever did his docu-series on Jake Paul, he did one on Jeffree Star. And if there’s one thing we learned from that series, it’s that the beauty guru is SO much richer than we ever thought. That being said, Jeffree isn’t afraid to drop some major dough, and LBR, is there any better time to go all out than during the Halloween season?
Apparently, Jeffree doesn’t think so, which is why he decided to sacrifice a $1,000 Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag with the intention of turning it into a fabulously gruesome costume. He teased the rather expensive DIY project on Twitter and, understandably so, fans of the makeup artist freaked TF out.
In response to the teaser, one person on Twitter wrote, QUOTE, “Can’t relate, not rich enough to even own one, let alone cut one up,” with another person adding, QUOTE, “We get it, WE’RE POOR.” Wow… too real.
Aside from this DIY project being a complete waste, though, several of Jeffree’s supporters were upset that he ruined such a valuable item when he could’ve instead used the money to help those who actually need it.
One fan wrote, QUOTE, “I love Jeffree but him wasting money like that makes me a little sad. The amount of money he spent on this bag he is about to destroy could literally make a big difference in some people’s lives.”
Another person shared a similar sentiment, saying, QUOTE, “Jeffree Star cutting up a brand new Louis Vuitton for halloween makeup. There are people starving in this world, and he has the money to waste like that. Pfft.”
Well, they certainly have a good point! However, it is important to note that that Jeffree often makes huge contributions to various charities and rarely says anything because he doesn’t want any recognition. It’s ALSO important to recognize that he works really hard for his money and can do with it what he pleases, which is something that many people in the Twitterverse seem to agree with.
For example, one person tweeted, QUOTE, “It's just a bag ya'll, relax. Yes, it's an expensive one, but at the end of the day it's just a physical thing,” with another Twitter user adding, QUOTE, “It’s your money Jeffree, you earned it, you do as you please.”
Clearly, people have A LOT of mixed feelings about Jeffree’s decision to destroy the designer bag. How do YOU feel about it? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for watching! Please click to the right to watch another new video and don't forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time!
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