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Oscars 2015: Top 10 MUST SEE Moments! (That You May Have Missed)

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Oscars 2015: Top 10 MUST SEE Moments! (That You May Have Missed)
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It's the biggest Awards show of the year - The Oscars - and last night was an amazing show! So if you've been hanging out under a rock for the past 24 hours I'm here to fill you in on the top 10 best moments from last night's show!
First up, THIS red carpet moment - Jennifer Anniston and Emma Stone Snuggling made all our hearst explode.
#2 has to be 'EVERYTHING IS AWESoME' It was so random yet so energetic and awesome.
#3. Four words: Naked Neil Patrick HArris. Ohh yea...
Coming in HOT at #4 is Emma Stone and her LOVE for the Lego Oscar. She's perfect and can do NO wrong.
#5 Patricia Arquette's totally kick butt speech about feminism nd equal pay was simpy amazing and Meryl Streeps reaction was priceless. I'm a woman hear me roar!
#6 The moment when Idina Menzel got revenge on John Travolta. Perfection.
#7 John Legend and Commons Glory performance was incredibly. It hd everyone on their feet cheating. not to mention lots of tears from the audience happened. A definite highlight of the show.
#8 Chris Pines Tears. Ughhhhh Glory got to him too and his reaction was the sweetest. #RealMenCry
#9 Great speeches all around. Eddie Redmayne was adorable. Graham Moors had a great message. JK Simmons had some words of wisdom. Loved them all, let's mash it up.
#10 Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews. First the performances was OFF THE CHAIN. and Second Julie Andrews should win an Oscar for being the most beautiful 79 year old alive! Seriously!
What was your favorite moment?
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