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Selena Gomez' Mom Mandy Teefey DISHES On The Hate Selena Gets

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Selena Gomez’s mom is opening up about why she doesn’t defend her daughter from the haters.
We’ll be honest… it kind of makes sense!
Alright, guys… when you’re as famous as Selena Gomez, receiving hate on the Internet sort of comes with the territory. And although Sel’s learned to shake most of the haters off, many fans still can’t help but wonder why her mom hasn’t really come to her defense when the negativity’s become too much to bear.
When a fan took to Twitter to ask Selena’s mom, Mandy Teefey, what she thinks of all the hate Selena gets and why she doesn’t ever speak out and defend her daughter, she explained that she simply won’t fight ignorance online because she doesn’t believe it will lead to anything positive.
She wrote, QUOTE, “Hate isn’t worth attention. I protect everyone I love, but hate is ignorance and I would live in a world of hate if I sat online fighting ignorance.” Not gonna lie… she has a pretty good point!
Don’t worry, though! Mandy may not defend Selena on the reg, but she does have some famous friends that have no problem coming to her defense.
Just recently, designer Steffano Gabbana came under fire for calling Selena ugly on Instagram. In response, Miley Cyrus clapped back saying that what he said was QUOTE, “false” and total BS. She also called Sel Fine AF, so it’s safe to say these two former Disney Stars still have each other’s backs.
Anyways, what do you guys think about Mandy’s policy of not responding to hateful comments about Selena? Let us know in the comments section below and thanks for watching! Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don't forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Miriam Isa and I’ll see you next time!
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