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Shailene Woodley Gets Arrested LIVE On Facebook

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Shailene Woodley JUST got arrested for standing up for what she believes in and it’s all documented for us on Facebook live.
Even after being arrested for trespassing, it doesn’t seem that Shailene will back down anytime soon.
Shailene Woodley is taking a stand against the construction of an oil pipeline that will run through North and South Dakota. The actress joined over 200 protesters earlier this month to protest the planned $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. In case you have no idea what in that heck that is- It’s a pipeline that will move domestically produced light sweet crude oil from North Dakota to reach major refining markets in a more direct, cost-effective, safer and environmentally responsible manner. The pipeline is said to also reduce the current use of rail and truck transportation to move oil to major U.S. markets… The Problem? Well it will affect our clean water.
Activists fear the pipeline, which is set to run 1,100 miles through the Dakotas and across the Missouri River, will contaminate ground water. On Wednesday, Woodley joined a group of activists and their allies outside the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. in protest of the planned Dakota Access pipeline.
On Sunday night (LAST NIGHT), a Federal appeals court rejected their request to stop the construction ... which sparked the protest.
The 'Divergent' star was busted Monday morning (today) for trespassing during what she called a "peaceful protest" in North Dakota… About 100 protesters were on a construction site for the controversial pipeline project before cops moved in and put handcuffs on Shailene. Several other people were arrested as well- take a look.
Shailene explained that she left when she was asked to do so, but they choose to arrest her because they knew 40 thousand people were watching. She also shouted out “mainstream media, I hope you’re watching!”
Shailene took to instagram a while back saying “They are calling us protestors. but, they have it wrong: we are not protesting. we are p.r.o.t.e.c.t.i.n.g,”
She told people mag QUOTE: “The reason why I think people need to get involved in this is because clean water is now a political issue,” SAYING “It shouldn’t have to be, but it is. And the only way we’re going to change that is if we stand up, if we call congressmen, and we tell them that we believe in clean water not only for our lives, but for future generations as well.”
She explained that she thinks we have a good shot at winning this and has no plans to back down anytime soon. Whatever you believe- I think it’s amazing to see a celebrity stand up for something they believe in rather than taking down other celebrities or worrying about the little things in day to day life. Let me know what you all are thinking about Shailene’s arrest and her standing up for what she believes in, in the comment section below, then click right here to watch us decide which SIA music video is the best over on debatable. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, I’m Ryland Adams, and I’ll see you next time.
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