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Shailene Woodley Wins GQ's "Crush of the Year"

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Looks like GQ has a little crush on our girl Shailene Woodley – but hey, can you really blame them?!
As if Shailene hasn’t had a big enough year already – she starred in two MEGA blockbusters, Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars – and now she’s being named GQ’s Crush of the Year. Woo hoo!!
The star is just one of many taking part in the magazine’s annual “Men of the Year” issue, and though she’s obviously NOT a man, we LOVE that she’s holding her own against some other awesome celebs such as Chris Pratt, Steve Carell, Michael Sam, Dave Chapelle, and her TFIOS co-star, Ansel Elgort…. Who also got his very own cover for the magazine. These two look absolutely flawless!!
Along with a photo shoot where Shailene is looking all kinds of gorgeous, she also spoke with the mag about the media’s perception of her and how she has lost her on-screen virginity – FIVE TIMES! And when asked about her sudden rise to fame this year, Shai had this to say: QUOTE "The weirdest adjustment was to sort of absorb the labeling the press loves to do. Oh, she's this person or she's that person.” The actor then continued with a little quip saying, “I’m the hippie who hugs everyone when they meet me!"
We can personally vouch for that last part. And the hugs ARE GREAT, FYI! As we’re sure you know, Shailene has shared the screen with both Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort at LEAST twice each, and GQ asked her to compare sex scenes with the two. While she stayed diplomatic that they were each different in their own ways, she did share this funny little story about their scents:
"On Divergent, Ansel used to wear this really awful-smelling deodorant. I joked, 'If you book Fault in Our Stars, just don't wear deodorant.' He goes, 'Yeah, OK. Fine.' Then he booked it! So I wear this deodorant that I make myself, and I gave him some of that. But he just chose not to wear it—he just wore nothing the whole time. So I guess Ansel smells more pheromone-y and Miles smells more—is delicious an appropriate word to say for a man?"
Yummy. Alright guys, what do YOU think of GQ’s decision to make Shailene their crush of the year? Hit the comments section to get talking, then click HERE to learn 9 things you might not have known about Miss Woodley. And make sure you subscribe as well. I’m your host Dana Ward, thanks so much for checking out Clevver News. See you around!
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