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The Originals Season Finale - Shocking Death & Return 1x22

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If you're like me and you watched the Originals season finale you're probably still sitting at home asking yourself, what the heck just happened! When the episode started, with Hayley and Klaus in the opening scene looking all happy and joyous and with Klaus freaking touching Hayley tummy to feel his baby kick and then actually SMILING ABOUT IT, we knew it was too good to be true. And guess what, we were right. Because then, like 5 seconds later, Hayley is giving birth in the church while being controlled by the witches and Klaus lays there completely helpless. Hayley's neck is split open, the baby is born, and we're thinking, Hayley's dead right? But, wait for it...the real craziness hasn't even happened...because then enters Elijah unlike we've ever seen him before, just totally distraught to see Hayley dead. Guys, even Klaus is basically crying at this point. But if you thought this was a devastating site, then you've obviously not seen this --

O.M.G. If you're not crying after watching that...they, you don't have a soul. Really great acting in that scene. But back to the baby -- where is the baby? Well, the witches have stolen her...and guess who's gonna get her back? Her MOM! Yes, Hayley suddenly comes back to life -- remember that baby she inside of her? That hybrid baby? Well, Hayley still has some of her baby girl's blood inside of her...which means she's being healed. BTW, have I mentioned that Davina is bringing Mikael, Klaus and Elijah's vampire-killing dad, back to life? Um, yeah that's happening. Back to Hayley, Klaus and Elijah saving the baby. The up against the witches in the most insanely gruesome head to head cemetery battle ever and guess who saves the day? Marcel! We have never been more happy to see him, even though he and all of his friends are dying...and then we get more tears. Marcel is crying too -- he cries while he drinks Klaus' blood (which FYI saves him)! This is officially the episode where everyone is crying. Including us because when Klaus holds that newborn baby...it is almost too much to handle. But again, that moment was too good be true, because remember how we told you Mikael is back...well, he's back and he is creepin a leepin'. But jokes on him -- haha! Davina has trapped him in the attic and she even forced him to kneel down to her which was pretty rad.
But what's going to happen to the baby...Hayley makes the ultimate sacrifice when she decides that they're going to hide the baby away somewhere safe and loving because in just one day of living her life has been beyond dramatic and did we tell you that Esther, Klaus' mom is trying to use the witches to kill her? And for the record Rebekah is crying in this scene. They all decide to pretend the baby died so that she can be safe. They quickly convince the wolves that this is what happened (after Marcel steals a still born baby from the hospital). And when Cami finds out, you guessed it, she starts crying too. She and Klaus share a moment where he in his own twisted way tells her he cares so much about her he can't be near her.
So who's going to take care of the cutest baby girl ever? Get ready for a freak-out moment...REBEKAH! She's back and coming to the rescue of her little niece...who is named Hope.

The most tender moment ever. And you guessed it...more tears. And then, just when we thought, okay, everything seems to be okay...um, we were wrong because we think Klaus' mom and brother have someone managed to come back to life in other people's bodies. What the heck? Why? And then the episode ends!
So much to talk about. So many questions? So many tissues after my hysterical crying during this episode. What did you guys think of Hayley's near-death experience? Or the fact that Marcel saved the day or the fact that Rebekah is back (well, sort of back?) Hit the comment to give us your thoguhts and click here to watch our sit-down interviews with the cast on set! Don't forget to subscribe for more updates on the Originals. I'm Joslyn Davis at Clevver headquarters, thanks for watching and we'll see you next time!

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