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Adele Does Classroom Instrument Version of "Hello" With Fallon & SMASHES Huge Record!

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Adele sat down with Jimmy Fallon to chat all things about her new album, and fan girled over both Rihanna AND Frank Ocean… But what we can’t seem to take our eyes off of, is this incredible version of “Hello.”
Is there anything Adele can’t do?? It’s almost annoying how great she proves to be at everything… She’s personable, funny and I don’t even need to mention that VOICE. While surrounded by instruments you’d typically find in a children’s classroom, Adele, Jimmy AND the roots, wowed us to the extreme when recreating what was already our favorite song of the year.
My Absolute favorite is when she decided to whip out the children’s phone poking fun at her actual music video that casually won the vivo record for most video views in a 24 hour time span.
Not only can she sing, she’s also STUNNING… The creative ways she’s managing to promote this album is currently what I’m living for.
While out in New York, Adele met up with gal pals Jennifer Lawernce AND Emma Stone to dine at a Mexican restaurant... Now, if only we could be a fly on that wall... But for real, what do you think the thee of them talked about during their little get together; I can only imagine Jenifer made some awkward conversation, while everyone praised Adele, per usual. The only person missing was Rihanna, who Adele recently gushed about saying she’d like her as a part of the squad!!
Adele, in case you’re listening we’re also SUPER AVAILABE if you need some more members for the SQUAD…
Adele, being the record breaking machine that she is, has already beaten out the former competition for having sold the most records in the first week of and albums release. Before 25, NSYNC held the slot for 15 years selling 2,416,000, while Adele has managed to take the crown selling a whopping 2,433,000 in just the first THREE days…
INSANE if you ask me, but pretty expected at the same time, because that voice… Even Joey Fatone spoke out on the big win saying “records are meant to be broken. In all honesty, Adele is the truth -- kinda excited a rare talent like hers is in the same breath as our group. I'm a huge fan....I even bought the damn album."
No surprise there, Adele wins at… EVERYTHING. Most importantly I’m curious as to what all of you are thinking about this hilarious YET AMAZING rendition of “Hello,” so get to talking in the comment section below, do not forget to subscribe and then you can click right on over here to see 7 of the MOST Awkward Celebrity interviews… Thanks for stopping by Clevver News, I’m Ryland Adams, and I hope you have an Awesome Thanksgiving!!
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