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Celebs React to Donald Sterling RACIST Recording

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Unless you've been living under a rock all weekend, you're probably familiar with LA Clippers owner and new most hated man in sports Donald Sterling and his very unfortunate comments. The 80 year old has been the sore subject we can't stop talking about since his taped conversation with girlfriend, V. Stiviano went viral. In the recording, Stiviano, who is of Latina and African American ethnicity, is heard arguing with Sterling over the fact that she took a photo with Earvin Magic Johnson and posted it on her Instagram. While the 9 minute argument makes little to no sense, Sterling does make one thing clear, he does not want his GF posting photos with "them" or bringing "them" to his games. "Them," being minorities, African Americans and Latinos to be exact. Here's how NBA fans felt about THAT! Since the story broke, there have been multiple statements made by athletes, coaches, Magic Johnson and even the president. Lil Wayne said if he was a Clipper he'd quit playing. Snoop Lion called Sterling a red neck and a racist- among other things in an expletive filled video on Instagram. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and pretty much everyone in the NBA have made their stances clear: It's 2014, there is no room or tolerance for this type of behavior or ideology. Regardless of culture or age, someone in Sterling's position is smart enough to know better and severe action should be taken. What's worse is that Sterling's own team, who are in the first round of playoffs against the Golden State Warriors are having to deal with this type of distraction. The Clippers were in Oakland for game 4 of the playoffs Sunday afternoon. Their show of solidarity by dropping their warm up jackets at center court and wearing their shooting shirts inside out with the Clippers logo barely legible was a strong and effective sight. Though the team has tried to stay focused and not speak publicly on the issue, it wasn't enough to get them the win. Sterling was not at the game last Sunday and its being said he's been asked to not attend any more games, anywhere.
Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Sterling. News broke this morning that Stiviano, whom we can safely call Sterling's "ex" has said she has over 100 hours of conversations taped with the billionaire. Furthermore, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is taking Sterling's actions very seriously, and has pledged a thorough investigation into the recordings. With immense pressure from the public to relieve Sterling from his position, which he's held since 1981, Sterling's future with the NBA is not looking so bright. I'm Miriam Isa and stay subscribed to clevver news for all the latest on pop culture. And for cheery pick me up, click right here for the latest episode of Rumor Patrol. Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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