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Fans FREAK OUT Over Release of Taylor Swift's Reputation Album

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We’re looking at all the fan reactions to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album, right here on News Feed!
Reputation JUST dropped, and fans already have a LOT to say about it…
Taylor Swift dropped her sixth studio album, Reputation, at midnight last night, and her fans obviously didn’t get ANY sleep because of it, because judging by social media, it’s clear that they’ve listened to the tracks more than once. Fans tweeted about everything from what their favorite tracks are to guessing which songs are about which of Taylor’s exes, and no surprise but Reputation has swiftly taken OVER social media.
One fan tweeted QUOTE, “#reputation is 1989’s cool, sexier older sister that likes to get blackout drunk on weekends, but still gets straight A’s in all of her classes”, solid review right there, while another wrote QUOTE, “the haters can't come to the phone right now #reputation”. One fan summed it all up, saying QUOTE, “@taylorswift13 HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!I swear this girl is a walking diary with my feelings #Reputation”.
As for reactions to specific songs, it sounds like Taylor has managed to once create an album RIDDLED with relatable lyrics and repeat-worthy tunes. One fan wrote QUOTE, “I Did Something Bad left me scalped and it was only track 3”, while another hilariously tweeted two emotionally opposite pics of Taylor with the caption QUOTE, “Me during I Did Something Bad vs me during New Year's Day”. New Year’s Day DEFINITELY seems to be the big tear jerker of the album, as one fan wrote QUOTE, “IM DANCING TO NEW YEARS DAY AT MY WEDDING”. But it seems like every song is getting some major love, as another fan tweeted QUOTE, “delicate is the best song from reputation. and that's the truth.”
And as far as which songs are about which people in Taylor’s life, past AND present, fans were ALL OVER IT. Seriously, even the FBI isn’t this fast. One fan share a Friends gif and wrote QUOTE, “ Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris when they hear Getaway Car #Reputation”. Another fan also called out “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” as Taylor’s diss track to Kanye, and with lyrics like QUOTE, “Friends don’t try to trick you / Get you on the phone and mind-twist you”, we’re gonna have to agree.
All in all one thing’s for sure--Taylor has another hit album on her hands, and her fans are gonna have this one on repeat for a very long time.
Alright guys now I wanna hear YOUR reaction to reputation, so sound off in the comments with ALL your thoughts, like what’s your favorite track so far? And once you’ve done that click right over here to check out Taylor's adorable reaction to her CMA win! Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your girl Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!
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