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Taylor Swift Rep Exposes NEW Album Details?

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Taylor Swift’s rep reveals new details on her upcoming album. And are her and Tom still together after spending weeks apart??
Ahh, Fall. A time for flannel shirts, pumpkin spice, and Taylor Swift’s next album…but wait, is there even going to be an album this year?
The 26-year old has released an album every other October or November for almost a decade now. So it’s only assumed that we’re getting pretty close to hearing some new music.
There are SO MANY rumors out right now it’s ridicules. But there’s one thing we know for sure. Taylor’s label head, Scott Borchetta just responded to a-now deleted- tweet that’s leaving everyone in shock.
One user tweeted at him, “This account is telling people that Taylor’s new album is coming out in October, please settle this.” They’re referring to an Instagram account that claims to know the release date for Taylor’s new music. And Scott replied with a simple, NOPE in all caps.
Umm, so what does this mean? Like nope, there’s no way the Insta account would know the release date? Or nope, Taylor is not releasing new music this fall, which means it would be the first time she’s changed up her cycle since 2006. Tay has admitted that she just wants to “live her life a little bit” so maybe that’s actually the truth??
Either way, there’s one thing that’s NOT changing anytime soon. Her relationship with Tom. After almost two weeks apart, Hiddleswift has got people wondering if they’re donzo. The last time they were spotted out together was at the end of July during a date night in Santa Monica. Then, Taylor headed back to New York and Tom joined his Marvel co-stars in Australia to work on the next Thor movie.
But don’t get your panties in a knot, sources are saying that Tay and Tom are still 100 percent an item. They’re just focusing on work at the moment, but will be back hangin’ out together again soon.
Welp, that settles that one. But if Taylor’s “focusing on work” like they say she is, clearly she must be busy working on new music. Duhh. I want to know what YOU GUYS think. Lemme know right down here in the comments section below, subscribe to our channel, THEN click right here to watch as we choose sides in the Kim exposed Taylor party. I’m Sarah Whittle, thanks for hanging, see you guys next time!
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