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Selena Gomez REVEALS Unheard Song About 'Boyfriend'

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Just when you thought you were fully satisfied with the new album by Selena Gomez, and your thirst for new music had been satiated, she comes out and says that we can expect even more… including a boyfriend!
What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Selena Gomez really just said that there’s at least one more song coming out that didn’t make the cut on her latest album, Rare.
She went on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” late last night to discuss her new album, as well as the last time she was a guest on the show when she and Jimmy ate some of the hottest chicken wings in the world.
But Selena also reminded us that it’s been 4 and a half years since her last album release.
She told Jimmy during their interview, “I was holding my breath for four years and then finally I just exhaled and now it exists”.
Her last album, “Revival” came out in October 2015. Since then, she has worked on other projects like her movie role in “The Dead Don’t Die”. She also has another voiceover role in an upcoming movie, “Dolittle”, where Selena plays Betsy the talking giraffe.
In the past years since she released “Revival”, Selena has also worked on a series of collaborations with other musical artists.
Together, they created songs like Taki Taki and Wolves.
But now Selena is making music of her very own, as evidenced by the full album that she just graced us with.
And apparently, their is new music that she has yet to release.
“Rare” just came out on January 10 and included 11 new songs.
That is, unless you went and bought the Target Deluxe edition, which included 5 additional bonus tracks.
And those bonus tracks might already be familiar to you, because they’re all of the singles that Selena dropped in the past 3 years.
Including It Ain’t Me, Bad Liar, Fetish, Wolves, and Back to You.
But you had to be quick to get the deluxe version. Even Selena herself couldn’t make it to the store in time.
Although her album was freshly sold out, that didn’t stop her from doing a mini-fashion show in the middle of aisle 3 to promote her brand new rare “Rare” merch.
But for the rest of us, don’t worry. Of course it’s still on Spotify and Apple Music. And hopefully Selena’s new songs will soon be joining them.
Selena teased her appearance on The Tonight Show on her instagram story, posting a short video with Jimmy Fallon on set.
And when she went onto the show later that evening, Selena talked about how she put her whole heart into the creation of “Rare” - from the lyrics to the name of the album itself.
Because apparently, she knew that she was going to name “Rare” right from the very beginning.
She said “The moment we started 4 years ago we worked on “Rare”, and before we finished anything I said ‘this is going to be the name of the album.”
Selena went on to talk about how the word means so much to her, and symbolizes people’s differences and how their uniqueness makes them special.
In the past, she spoke more about what her title song, Rare, means to her.
She said on an Instagram story in the past few months, “it’s a beautiful message about girls who don’t realize that they’re rare. I feel like girls aren’t told enough that they’re rare. And the song is supposed to be an anthem for these girls”.
And speaking more to Jimmy, though she didn’t name names, she also talked about her decision to put out some of her more personal songs, like “Lose You to Love Me”.
As we know, her new songs are a lot more personal as well.
Jimmy brought up any songs that she might have worked on during the album curation process for Rare, and Selena confessed that she has a few that didn’t make the final cut that she would love to release as well.
So that’s all i’ve got for you. Let’s hear some of your theories! What do you think “Boyfriend” will be about? When do you think she’ll release it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
And then click that subscribe button if you want to stay updated on selena and anything else she’s got going on soon!
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