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Luis Fonsi Defends Justin Bieber's Decision to Not Sing "Despacito" Live

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As Justin Bieber gets battered by trolls frustrated that the Biebs won’t sing Despacito anymore… one important man comes to his defense.
The only thing better than a musical collab between Justin and Luis Fonsi is Luis Fonsi sticking up for his troubled friend.
Poor Bieber! Whoa, never thought I’d say that. The poor guy gets ridiculed when he tries to sing a song in Spanish but butchers the lyrics, but then he gets eaten alive by hyenas
when he refuses to sing the song so that he DOESN’T butcher the lyrics. What do we want from him? He doesn’t know Spanish. He’s from Canada. Not Colombia. So his fellow collaborator from the hit single, the uber handsome, talented Puerto Rican musical genius Luis Fonsi has come to his rescue. His message? Chill, people. QUOTE “I don’t blame him not knowing [the lyrics], and I think we have to give him a little bit of a pass because that’s not his main language.” That’s not his anything language! “We can’t expect the guy to just out of the blue get it perfectly.” Yeah. Duh. For those of us that assumed Bieb’s was a language superhero that DID speak fluent Spanish given all his years dating Selena as well as the fact that he sings that Despacito hook with like ZERO accent, it’s because of this: According to Mr. Fonsi, QUOTE ““He had the lyrics in front of him.” OOOOHHH. Luis said Justin was in the recording studio ready to record in English when he decided to take a stab reading the Spanish lyrics in order to QUOTE “keep the originality of the song.” And now we want his head for it. Not cool. What’s wrong with us? When did we all get so crazy and unforgiving? Like, what if Elvis Presley was having a hip pain one day and decided not to do his shimmy dance one day. Would our parents have thrown a shoe at him? I hope not. People need their shoes. Anyway, let me know your thoughts below on Biebs. Are we being too psycho or should Biebs man up and get some Rosetta Stone? Let me know below. Follow me on Insta and Twitter so that we can make this friendship official and let everyone know that we love each other! I’m Miriam Isa. And before you go, have you checked out our new show Get Jacked? Please do. You’ll love it. Anyway, thanks for hanging with me and see you soon!
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