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Normani Signs SOLO Deal & Here's What It Could Mean For Fifth Harmony

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Normani Kordei just signed on with a new management and Harmonizers are FREAKING out.
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But wait, if Normani just signed a solo management deal, then what does this mean for Fifth Harmony??
Normani has released a few solo projects over the years, but her latest deal is a pretty big, well, deal. Over the weekend, management company S10 Entertainment & Media as well as Brandon Silverstein announced the news by welcoming Normani to the family via Twitter.
Brandon tweeted QUOTE, “Couldn’t be more excited to welcome Normani to S10 Entertainment. Ready to see you shine! Incredible music on the way. Stay tuned…” So of course, after that announcement, everyone FREAKED OUT because seriously what does this mean for Fifth Harmony? Are they just going to be three members now? What’s the deal?
One Twitter user expressed their confusion by writing, “Why is Normani going solo?? I’m confused. Someone explain this please.” While other fans were SO excited for Mani’s solo deal. One fan wrote, “NORMANI GOING SOLO!! IT’S THIRD HARMONY NOW, AND HONESTLY I THOUGHT LAUREN WAS GOING TO BE NEXT” and another wrote “MY GOOD SIS NORMANI IS LEAVING FIFTH HARMONY!!”
Obviously a bunch of fans are on board for Normani going solo and leaving the girl group behind. Well, I don’t wanna burst your bubbles, but from the sounds of her new management deal, I have a feeling she signed on with a new solo management company to help her manage her solo projects while still being in Fifth Harmony. Kinda like how Lauren was still a part of 5H while doing songs with Halsey and Marian Hill.
In other Normani news, the popstar opened up to Cosmo about setting the record straight on how she’s perceived in the public eye. And honestly, she just wants everyone to know that she and the rest of her successful peers may have it all, but everything isn’t necessarily perfect for all of them.
She said QUOTE, “When outsiders see pop stars, they think of us performing at the VMAs, and hype it up. They think we have it all together when really, we don’t. We have our insecurities and our doubts about ourselves. It’s just life, but different because it’s magnified.” It’s easy to believe that pop stars are these perfect beings, when really they’re just human like the rest of us.
What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for Normani’s solo projects or are you nervous this will affect her relationship with Fifth Harmony? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver News, I’m your host Miriam Isa, don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see ya next time!
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